Travel free around the world for 100 days!

Swiss bestselling-author and former anchorwoman Yvonne Eisenring

Travel Free Around the World

Swiss bestselling-author and former anchorwoman Yvonne Eisenring is going on a special journey: She wants to prove that the real network of people is more valuable and stronger than the virtual one.

Five adventurous people can join Eisenring on this mind-bending world trek – for free!

Like Culturs, Yuujou is about Connecting Cultures

It’s not only about other cultures; rather, about connecting cultures. The name of the journey is Yuujou. Yuujou means friendship in Japanese. And this is what the entire project is about: real connection and friends.

Eisenring and the five selected travelers will begin this journey in spring 2019. In two teams they set off from Berlin in opposite directions, their destination is the other side of the world: Japan. They have 100 days to get there.

The route is not pre-planned, but unfolds along the journey as the next stop must be at a friend’s place of the current host. If the two teams meet again at the end of their journey, a chain of friendship is formed around the world and a real network of people is shown.

Casting for this adventure closes Friday, January 18.

Thanks to the financial support of Swiss entrepreneur Oliver Herren, the travelers are able to travel for free. Yuujou will pay all travel costs, visas and food. Oliver Herren is the founder of Switzerland’s No. 1 e-commerce shop and has always wanted to realize an innovative online project that authentically tells relevant stories and sets an example against the flood of negative news. Yuujou is now looking for five people from all over the world with different cultural backgrounds and different creative skills.

Within 24 hours the project received more than1000 applications—a thrilling and overwhelming prospect for its creators.


So far, people from more than 150 countries want to join Yvonne on this epic journey. Science has proven that friends, real connections and face-to-face moments are important for a happy, healthy and long life.

A three-million plus participant study by Dr. Julianne Holt-Lundstad, a Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at Brigham Young University in Utah, shows that even quitting smoking cigarettes and stopping drinking alcohol, won’t improve your health as much as having real friends. Holt-Lundstad cites that “loneliness exceeds the risk of obesity, physical inactivity and air pollution.”With its crazy travel experiment, Yuujou tries to make a difference. We cannot beat loneliness with our project, but we can show the importance of friendship,” she exclaims.

Yuujou aims to emphasize the power of friendship by creating meaningful, honest and authentic stories about people who usually stay in the background.

Learn more about the power of friendship

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Author: Katrin Tiefenauer is a creative mind in love with travel and adventure. She is the oldest sister of three brothers, a big fan of the Yuujou community and her current obsessions are Fellini films, bliss balls and handstand tutorials.


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