A New Multicultural Healthcare Podcast Is Set To Premiere Soon

Podcast with Sheila Thorne, Multicultural Health Expert

The Multicultural Healthcare Marketing Group (MHMG) has announced the launch of a new podcast, “The Kaleidoscope: Healthcare in a Diverse America From Molecule to Market,” hosted by Sheila Thorne, president and CEO of MHMG.

The new podcast is set to premiere on Thursday, Oct. 12, and will air bi-monthly on Thursdays from 5:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. U.S. Eastern time.

For almost three decades, Thorne has demonstrated an understanding of the health of communities of color and the pivotal role of cross-cultural education and cultural competency in lessening the burden of clinical research and improving patient outcomes.

“The Kaleidoscope” podcast will feature interviews with physicians, health leaders, patients, patient advocates, pharmaceutical executives and researchers of color. Each episode will present the voices and experiences of those from diverse populations who have been working on eliminating health disparities and striving for health equity for decades.


Listeners can anticipate gaining insights into the significance of patient-centered care and the profound impact a culturally competent approach can have on patient education, patient satisfaction and health outcomes.

The podcast’s first guest will be Derek Perkinson, a Black, male breast cancer survivor.

To join the podcast live, go to YouTube.com.

Podcast with Sheila Thorne, Multicultural Healthcare Expert
Sheila Thorne, Heath Expert Launches New Podcast with Guest Derek Perkinson, Black, Male Breast Cancer Survivor
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