A New Study Sheds Light On The Demand For Asian-Language Film And TV Content

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With the advent of the Oscar-winning movie “Parasite” along with a plethora of shows like Netflix’s “Squid Game” and others, a new study titled “FOCUS Asian Subscriptions 2023” sheds light on the demand for Asian-language content and its global appeal.

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This amalgamation of cultural narratives and consumer behaviors signifies a momentous shift in the entertainment industry, positioning Asian narratives as major global contenders.

The FOCUS Asian Subscriptions study explores the intricacies of the pay and free TV landscape among Asian consumers. It provides a comprehensive look at how Asian TV content-viewing households are adopting and integrating various services.

Asian-Language TV
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This encompasses what services they’re paying for, their satisfaction levels with these video services, drivers for subscriptions and churn as well as their bundling habits of both traditional and new-age services.


Importantly, the study goes beyond just numbers, delving deep into viewing behaviors. It indicates a significant demand for Asian-language content, international content, as well as content targeted specifically at U.S. Asian viewers.

In fact, with a focus on both Asian-language and English viewing behaviors, the report affirms that Korean stories, much like the sentiment expressed by Seo Woo-sik, are no longer restricted to Korea but are finding resonance internationally.

To access the study, go to researchandmarkets.com.


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