CultursTV – :60 secs Reduces Blood Pressure, Anxiety & Panic Attacks

This Culturs TV Wednesday Energy Medicine Minute comes from the Sand Dunes of Glammis, Calif., where Culturs.guru expert Dondi Dahlin shows how to reduce panic attacks, anxiety attacks or high blood pressure by “taking down the flame.”

“If you suffer from panic attacks, anxiety attacks, or high blood pressure, this exercise is for you,” says Dahlin. She shows how to quickly and easily reduce effects of these worrisome ailments with a quick exercise that can be done anytime and anywhere.

She begins with a healthy inhale and lifts her hands well above her head, connecting them together in what Dahlin calls “pyramid position,” and puts the hands (with fingers from opposite hands touching each other at the tips, creating a pyramid shape) at the top of the head simultaneously with a robust exhale.

Dahlin takes a second inhale, lifting her pyramid shaped hands and resting them between the eyebrows at what she calls “the third eye,” upon exhale. She then inhales a third time, lifts her pyramid shaped hands and places her thumbs at the “thymus point” in the center of the chest.

On the final inhale, Dahlin changes the hands to a flat diamond shape with thumbs touching and index fingers touching, while all other fingers face downward. She places the diamond over her belly button, then pulls the hands back toward the hips and in a quick motion, thrusts them forward, “pulling the energy down off your legs,” she says.

“End with a tall, straight posture and “float your heart forward ,” she advises.

This sixty second stress buster provides benefits beyond the immediate feeling, and over time, can reduce and help eliminate anxiety, high blood pressure and panic attacks that run from annoying, to life threatening.

Dondi is Donna Eden’s Daughter. She, her mother, Donna Eden, and her sister, Tatinia Dahlin, are Culturs.guru experts who perform energy minutes all around the world to bring health and healing to the Culturs TV audience.

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