Energy Medicine — Alleviating Digestion and Lower Back Pain

Coronado Island hotel (via Pixabay)

This Culturs TV Wednesday Energy Medicine Minute comes from Coronado Island, near San Diego, Calif., where Culturs expert Dondi Dahlin demonstrates an Energy Medicine technique designed to help open the digestive process and balance your hormones.

Belt flow technique

“Energy medicine is awesome for lower back pain, hormones and digestion!” Dondi says. The Belt Flow technique is an incredibly useful tool to help balance these. It also helps to open the energy flow between the lower and upper halves of the body.

The Belt Flow is also a radiant circuit, which means its energy is utilized by the body to help bring revitalized energies and joy into your system. To trace your Belt Flow, reach back with both hands to your lower spine.

Dondi Dahlin on Coronado Island off San Diego, California
Dondi Dahlin on Coronado Island off San Diego, California

Next, with the deep pressure of a massage, pull your hands vigorously across the hip and toward the front and center of your torso. Cross your arms to the opposite hip and drag your hands down and sweep off the opposite leg. This will revitalize energies and help with digestion and lower back pain.

Move to the alternate side and offer the same technique, finishing by sweeping off the leg. Do both sides a few times, making sure to breathe deeply during the exercise.

Dondi Dahlin, her sister Titanya Dahlin, and their mother Donna Eden, are Culturs experts who perform Energy Minutes all around the world to bring health and healing to the Culturs TV audience. Please note the Eden Energy Medicine disclaimer by clicking here.

Check out a video of the exercise on XOTV.me by clicking below!

Dondi Dahlin demonstrating an Energy Medicine technique to alleviate digestion and lower back pain.

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