International Marriage Equality


Marriage equality is becoming more widespread around the world. There are now eighteen countries where same sex marriage has become legalized, starting in 2001 with the ever-liberal Netherlands. Two other countries have regional freedom for same sex marriages.


In this series, I will be exploring the TCK perspective of this global change. Personally, I think it’s fantastic, as a TCK who identifies with the GLBT+ community it’s amazing to see the world become a more accepting and understanding place.


There are many cultural barriers to the legalization of same-sex marriage, and a lot of these barriers are rooted in religious beliefs and societal expectations. But there are some places around the world that are overcoming hundreds of years of laws and are choosing to overturn the old and embrace the new!

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The U.S. is currently experiencing a change in marriage equality status, where the protection of same sex marriage is regionally protected and recognized; currently 37 states have legal same-sex marriage by court decision, state legislature and popular vote. Same sex couples are slowly becoming more culturally normal can commonplace, heads still turn but rocks aren’t being thrown!

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