Feeling Guilt? It could be Depression.

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According to the World Health Organization depression will be the second highest disability in year 2020.

In recent Psychiatric research findings, studies show Americans are becoming treatment resistant to medications and fewer than 50 percent may never receive remission.

One in ten Americans are taking antidepressants and just six years from now this problem is anticipated to become a global burden of disease. The good news is we are not a broken society. Every medication in the market place mimics natural brain chemistry and this is how we can empower ourselves and our loved ones.

First, let’s recognize the symptoms.

Depression is not outside of “ourselves.” It’s not our job, our economical state, or our relationships. We’ve been continuously told it’s our brain chemistry, or lack thereof. That is the first misnomer. The brain, spinal cord and stomach can replenish every single hormone necessary for a happy life and existence. The body can replenish serotonin, dopamine and every other feel good chemical. Medication is not the only way to achieve this goal.

Yes, feelings of guilt, the inability to concentrate, sleep disturbances, lack of self-worth and pessimistic thoughts are all signs of depression. Instead of waiting to hit rock bottom, or to expect a pill to magically fix things. Become your own self advocate the simple task of exercise can secrete Endorphins. Take twenty minutes a day; find a system that appeal to your personality and exercise. Endorphins is your bodies way of rewarding you, telling you something good has happened.

The brain, spinal cord and stomach can replenish every single hormone necessary for a happy life and existence.


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  1. Great article! By advocating a holistic approach, empowering the reader to take responsibility for their health , you do a great service to your readers. I encourage everyone to check out the Endorphins system, it is truly a giant step towards your healing process.

  2. It is Great!!!

    You absolutely rite. Medications can do only part of the job in treating depression. If you 100% rely on medications you definitely going to fail. Your approach of helping people with depression to help themselves is great.
    I hope that vigorous exercise to bust the endorphin level in the body should be routine not only in the life of depressed people but life style of everyone.

  3. right on ! vigorous exercise and mental training is essential not only in the treatment of depression also in maintainig mental and physical health

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