Meet TCK Amy Noble

Photo courtesy Amy Noble.

Amy Noble opens up about her life as a Third Culture Kid (TCK) and shares how she adapted to her biggest cultural transition

Amy Noble, TCK, Colorado, England, laughing
Photo courtesy Amy Noble.

Amy Noble was born in Australia and lived briefly in the United States before moving to England as a young girl. Although she held a U.S. passport and was raised by American parents, Noble had few connections with American culture. For Noble, the sights, smells, people and cities of England are home. In the audio clip above, Noble describes obstacles she has faced as a TCK and how she overcame them. 

I decided I wasn’t going to be that weird foreign girl … I threw myself out there and I made the effort to make friends to make myself feel at home here.”

Everything familiar changed when Noble’s family returned to California and she decided to attend Colorado State University. Overwhelmed with culture shock, Noble dealt with many challenges as she repatriated to the United States. Despite a rocky start, Noble was able to adapt to her new environment and is now thriving as she works towards a degree in graphic design.

See yourself as what you can bring to the table.”

Amy Noble, CSU, TCK, Colorado, oval, fall
Photo courtesy Amy Noble.
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