2020 marks Time for Change around the globe

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2020 has been a doozy for us all! Yet amid the strife and toil, upheavals and new normal— still, we find ways to uplift each other.

We hope this is what this issue does for you. Our Summer 2020 “Time for Change Issue,” as of this writing, is tens of copies away from selling out. And we are honored that our audience has heeded the call to make a difference and foster change in any way they can.

We are a multicultural magazine that amplifies all global voices with a special focus on the marginalized and underserved. That work is not even close to done. We hope this issue and the stories within open your eyes to the people of the world and to creating change wherever you have the opportunity.

Doni and Wonder Woman 1984  Director Patty Jenkins at the Sundance Film Festival 2019.

Even though I interviewed Director Patty Jenkins just after COVID-19 overtook the world and before the social upheaval that resulted in protests around the globe, her words ring true to all that has happened and continues to happen.

Like many Third Culture Kids, her foresight is astounding. As she mentions, growing up in different cultures at a young age makes a difference in our development. It’s a difference we often see later in life. Our designer Diana Vega felt it. Even though she grew up monocultural, she’s a Third Culture Adult who has lived and studied in different countries.

Repatriating after graduate school in the United States honed her already heightened empathy as she experienced first-hand what happens when you change, but your former surroundings do not. We loved experiencing her homeland, her culture, her family — and you’ll see throughout the book — the foods she grew up with.

Her native Yucatan is a place, people and cuisine imbibed with love, and it was a treasure to behold. We also pay homage to a Military B.R.A.T.’s memory of her father and his service. She made a brave journey to witness some of what he dealt with, and the ramifications of service during wartime.

The Vega Family with Editor-in-Chief Doni at their home in Merida.

Some wounds are passed through generations, and though we may not have experienced the trauma, often we still receive their ill effects. We hope this piece opens people’s eyes and their hearts to begin a healing process. We hope you find something that touches your heart in this issue — there are so many things that touched mine. We encourage you to find that art, that love, that pilgrimage that your soul seeks — the one that will help you reach new heights and uplifts others to do the same.

All the best,Doni (Dah-knee)

Publisher and Founder of Culturs — the Global Multicultural Magazine Culturs.org  & Cultursmag.com

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