Dogs of South America

A group of dogs in Buenos Aires, Argentina ready for their daily walk. (photo credit: Jacko Prado)

In the Americas, apparently, we love our dogs.

A pair of dogs in Buenos Aires, Argentina
A pair of dogs in Buenos Aires, Argentina are ready for a walk. (photo credit: Jacko Prado)

The United States of America is the No. 1 canine-loving country. It appears to be “a haven for man’s best friends, with the country’s dog population standing astonishingly high at 75.8 million,” based on stats from the WorldAtlas.com article “Countries with the Most Dogs Worldwide.”

However, Latin America is a close second with two countries in the mix: Argentina ranks No. 8 with 9.2 million dog lovers and Brazil No. 2 at 68 million canine companions.

Many Latin American countries seem to exhibit amazing love for canines — letting them frequent restaurants, clubs and other establishments along with their owners. In Mexico, Peru and Colombia, for instance, many restaurants have signs encouraging dogs as guests, and providing special treats and perks for dog owners.

Dogs in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Dogs hanging out behind a rental bike in Buenos Aires, Argentina. (photo credit: Jacko Prado)

Andre Motta, a Sao Paulo-based Brazilian professional tour guide, mentioned how much Brazilians love their canines, noting that most people treat their dogs better than the people in their lives.

“Here in Sao Paulo, we have more pet stores than drug stores, so people care more about the pets than about themselves,” he laughs.

Argentina’s booming population of man’s best friend has a market for pet care that is increasing dramatically. The World Atlas article cites Poodles, Labradors and German Shepherds as the most popular breeds in the country, with about 16% of the owners having adopted stray dogs to keep as their pets. The Argentine government also encourages pet ownership by promoting canine vaccinations and spaying/neutering programs.

Dogs in Argentina
Dogs in Buenos Aires, Argentina (photo credit: Jacko Prado)

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