Must Listen: Tatya Bird and His Silent Sound in Nature’s Flow

Tatya Bird and His Silent Sound in Nature's Flow

His name is Tayta Bird. He does a style of music under a genre he created called “futuristic folklore.”

Bird takes traditional Peruvian instruments and mixes them into electronic music. He considers himself from Apúrimac, Peru from a town called Uripa. His ancestors are from there. He was born in Lima, but his heart is connected with his family there. He lived there for quite some time.

Tatya Bird and His Silent Sound in Nature's Flow
Tatya Bird plays his electronic music while people listen in on headphones.

Bird’s family speaks Quechua, an indigenous language and his music represents these people. When he was little in Lima, there were a lot of issues with racism towards people from the mountains and he got to a point where he realized how beautiful and amazing his roots were and began to embrace them.

He originally worked as an owner of a construction business and left that to dedicate himself to music fully. Bird has won awards through the Ministry of Culture for his song “Apu Yaya,” which means “The God Bigger Than All Gods.” He also played for TV Peru.

He created experiences during the pandemic as a way for people to come to the mountains and connect with “Pachamama” — also known as Mother Earth — while using headphones to hear the music with 8-D sound. This also allowed for people to experience the sounds while being socially distanced.

Peruvian musician Tatya Bird and his silent mountain music
A cool way to experience the music of Peruvian artist Tatya Bird is to go to the mountains and listen in on headphones.

Bird worked with a tour company called “Viva Cusco.” They would bring the people to the mountains. They worked with the local “mamitas” — “traditional women” — who donated the blankets you sat on and held flags of Peru and Tahuantinsuyo (flag of the four directions). They also danced with participants.

After the show, guests would go and see the market where the mamitas sold their artesanal products. This new experience he will be doing in a “huaca.” It will be a different set but also in 8-D. It will be a different type of show but with the same energy.

Bird is in the process of posting videos every Friday of him doing reworks of his songs in different sacred locations in Cusco. Solar panels are used in order to power his performances from Sudaener. They choose to take care of the earth while they perform.

Tatya Bird and His Silent Sound in Nature's Flow
Tatya Bird playing his silent sound in the Peruvian mountains.
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