How “Euphoria’s” Soundtrack contributed to Its Emmy

At the 72nd Emmy Awards, Actor Zendaya made history. Zendaya is currently the youngest person to win an Emmy award because of her role in the show Euphoria

“Still don’t have any word s— feeling so much love right now, thank you.” Zendaya writes on instagram after her Emmy win.

“In the series…, Zendaya stars as Rue, a high school junior committed to numbing herself with vodka and whatever drugs she can acquire after a failed stint in rehab. Between bouts of unconsciousness, she narrates a dark, graphically-depicted world in which the local dealers have barely hit puberty, fentanyl is rampant and her classmates’ sex is not only casual, but frequently documented,” writes Pheobe Reilly in “The New York Times.”

Yes this show is good and earns its Emmy, but what would it be without its soundtrack?  Without a soundtrack these shows that won Emmys would not be as compelling as they are. The soundtrack ties the show togetherand portrays energy and emotion.

The Euphoria playlist is very culturally diverse with many artists from different backgrounds. The full version of this playlist is found here. This is one of the reasons why the show is so popular. There are a lot of references to Euphoria on the app Tik-Tok and a lot of the music there associates with it.

Three culturally diverse artists that have a feature on their playlist are BTS, Jorja Smith, and labrinth.


First is the group BTS. According to Vogue magazine, BTS is a K-Pop group of seven that mainly produces Korean music. According to Vogue, BTS has no idea how “a non-English language pop group managed to break into the upper echelons of the western record industry.” BTS has started to immerse itself into U.S. culture and even started to learn English for their fans. Their song “Euphoria” features on the soundtrack.

Jorja Smith

Secondly, we have is Jorja Smith. According to her IMBd Biography, Smith is multicultural and has grown up with her mother being English and her father being Jamaican. She grew up listening to all different types of music, which led her to her career today. Her song “A Prince” features on Euphoria’s soundtrack.


Lastly, we have one of the artists that have blown up on Tik Tok because of music. His stage name is Labrinth but his real name is Timothy Lee McKenzie. According to his online biography, “Mackenzie was born and raised in Hackney, London and is of Jamaican and Canadian descent. He comes from a family of musicians consisting of nine siblings, and grew up at home surrounded almost exclusively by the sound of American gospel music.” Based off of this information, Mackenzie is multiethnic and is exposed to many cultures that he identifies with.

These artists and many many more have elevated this soundtrack in many different ways. With Euphoria’s use of these artists and tracks, it has made the show more appealing to different audiences who enjoy these types of music.


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