Shayla Montero On Powerful Hair and Discovering Her Confidence – Part 2

Black Women and their hair (Image via Pixabay)

Culturs TV sat down with Shayla Montero in this three-part series about her spiritual awakening and her journey discovering her inner beauty — starting by cutting her hair. In Part 1, she talked about discovering her inner beauty. In Part 2, Montero explains what it means to be confident.

When you cut your hair, you see yourself in a completely different way, according to Montero.

“It’s replenishing your spirit in a way it’s never been replenished before,” she says.

Montero on transformation

The first rule about transformation: you have to do it yourself, experience it for yourself. Montero adds that not every journey is the same; when cutting their hair, every woman has a difference experience.

“And it shouldn’t be the same, because we all internalize and have our own struggles so it’ll definitely help you transition through all that,” she adds.

It’s replenishing your spirit in a way it’s never been replenished before.

Black women and their hair
Photo by Zach Vessels on Unsplash

Before the “big chop,” Montero’s hair was a lot longer and had looser curls. She was in eighth grade when she got a perm. This was the first time she felt like the needed to keep up with society’s trends.

From there, she dyed it and tried every hairstyle before deciding it was time to get back to her natural state.

“Once you cut your hair, you create a whole new energy,” according to Montero.

She goes on to say that the bigger the chop, the more in-depth the transformation is.

Once you cut your hair, you create a whole new energy.

“I didn’t have the confidence then that I do now in order to be able to be OK with being invisible,” she says.

In part three of this series, Montero will explain how her cultural background has played a huge role in the making of her poem “Awaken.”

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