Culturs Magazine’s Doni Aldine Talks About Her Globally Mobile Upbringing On The Global Chatter Podcast

Doni Aldine - Activating the Future » The Black Expat's Global Chatter Podcast

Culturs Magazine’s Doni Aldine recently chatted about her globally mobile lifestyle on the “Global Chatter” podcast with TheBlackExpat.com Founder Amanda Bates.

Aldine talks about how her experience growing up as a Global Nomad differed from her younger brother’s Military B.R.A.T. upbringing.

She also talks about her identity as both a Third Culture Kid (TCK) and a person of color:

TCKs of color from a homogeneous population really can’t relate to my experience as a person of color from a geographically and culturally mobile situation. It’s almost worse [because it is] often more closed minded to what your experience might be. And I’ve learned to have grace for that.

Listen to The Global Chatter Podcast here or check it out on YouTube below.


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