Jennifer Lopez and Her Impact Around the World

Jennifer Lopez (Image via Unsplash)

Jennifer Lopez is a singer/actress that is now one of the most well-known names around the world for her great music and has left a very large impact.

Latina women rarely saw themselves displayed in pop culture and when Jennifer Lopez made her big debut, she changed the Hollywood landscape and helped to increase Latinx representation in the media going forward. Marian Edelman said: “It’s seeing Lopez’s success that has inspired and continues to inspire many Latinas like me to go after what we want—raising the confidence of countless girls who, before her, had a hard time envisioning Latinas like themselves being successful.”

Jennifer Lopez


Lopez has a Puerto Rican background but grew up in the United States. This initially allowed Jennifer Lopez to connect with a lot of different fans, because there are a lot of Puerto Ricans that have come to the United States and being able to see Jennifer make the life she has for herself with the background she came from has been very inspiring.

Growing up in The Bronx, N.Y., U.S.A., Lopez had a tough childhood at times. She grew up with a very loving family, but money was hard to come by, and they sometimes had struggles as a family wondering how they were going to pay their bills.


Therefore, this can also be an inspiration the world because knowing the background Lopez had and how she didn’t grow up in the nicest area with all the nice things, she was still able to become one of the most successful artists in the world. Lopez has nothing but love from The Bronx and hopes to be able to make her hometown proud.

In an article, it talked about how Jennifer Lopez may not be known as “Jenny From the Block” anymore, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t that person anymore. Living in The Bronx had a significant impact on her life and makes the things she has now so much more appreciated.

One of her fans said it this way:

Jennifer Lopez forced people to know about the 6 train, what our streets looked like and sounded like, even the hallways to our apartment buildings. I felt seen. It no longer felt like the Bronx was an afterthought; it filled me with pride.

Monica M. Rivera


Another way that Lopez has reached people globally is by launching the Lopez Family Foundation, a global nonprofit organization dedicated to helping improve the health and well being of women and children and through better access to medical care.

This helps her reach a larger community because offering this organization allows people around the world to get the care they need, and it helps show just how much Lopez truly cares for people. Her goal in doing this was not to solve all the healthcare problems in the world, but she wanted to do what she could to make a small difference in the world and pay it forward.

Certainly, Jennifer Lopez has made a large impact on the world with her cultural background. She has made Latinas proud and helped them to be more confident in themselves and to know that they are able to achieve the dreams they have. She has reached the world globally with her cultural music, dances and outfits bringing awareness to her Puerto Rican background.

Jennifer Lopez
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