Jennifer Lopez — ‘Let Me Introduce You To My Party People’

Jennifer Lopez - On The Floor ft. Pitbull (Image via YouTube)

One of my personal favorites is Jennifer Lopez. Like Lopez (aka JLo) said in her song “On The Floor” featuring Pitbull, “let me introduce you” to a culturally fluid celebrity.

Lopez’s parents were born in Puerto Rico but moved to the United States. She experienced the Puerto Rican and U.S. cultures growing up and for that reason she is very much culturally fluid. JLo kept her roots close to her in her music. 

Super Bowl with Shakira

It’s always an honor to be able to sing at a Super Bowl halftime show, and she and Shakira got their chance during Super Bowl LIV in February 2020. They preserved their flexibility in their performance while embracing both U.S. and Latino heritage. The two were able to display their true colors and perform in front of the U.S. while demonstrating the importance of various cultures.

Jennifer Lopez with Shakira on SuperBowl halftime performance. (via Instagram)

With this performance, they emphasized to the rest of the world that you should not be frightened to embrace your cultural differences.

Through her singing, Lopez has discovered a way to influence and help others feel good about their background. People can recognize the melody or use of the Spanish language in many of her songs, which is why she is so popular.

Lopez the trail blazer

Despite the fact that Lopez was born in the United States, she is a proud Latina. This is undeniable since she demonstrates it in everything she does.

Pitbull in Jennifer Lopez music video "On The Floor" (Image courtesy Island Records/YouTube)
Pitbull in Jennifer Lopez music video “On The Floor” (Image courtesy Island Records/YouTube)

She has blazed the path for Latinas and continues to do so. Because being Latino in the United States equates to being a minority, which has its own set of difficulties, more celebrities are needed to help individuals overcome their anxiety of not being good enough.

Lopez even selects people from all across Latin America and from various nations to feature her music. Pitbull is one of the most well-known, and she has a great couple of songs with him that give Latinx people a lot of power.

Watching Super Bowl LIV and seeing Lopez’s daughter showcase her singing talent, which she acquired from JLo, her mother, and even her father Marc Anthony, demonstrates how vital it is for the next generation to see how being culturally adaptable is a blessing.

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