Negra Como Soy: No Longer Latina Part 1 (VIDEO)

Negra Como Soy: No Longer Latina Part 1 on XOTV

In this episode of Negra Como Soy on Culturs Global Network, Doni and Dr. Rhonda talk with Paulette Martinez Bethel who is proud of her multicultural heritage – ALL of it.

“I had always heard all these wonderful stories about my racial and ethnic background, so I decided I wanted to confirm or not confirm some of the stories that I had been told by my mother and by my family.”

Imagine her surprise when taking an ancestry DNA test gave her the shock of her, and her family’s, life.

I discovered that my paternity was not what I had grown up to believe.

Click below to watch the interview on XOTV.com!

Negra Como Soy

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