Sunshine and summer fashion trends across the globe

Image of Milan Fashion Week. From https://www.flickr.com/photos/matte0ne/5499708993

With the summer months fast approaching and the northern hemisphere’s thermostat being turned up a couple notches, summer fashion is coming back into season. Across the globe different countries and cultures adjust their outerwear to better accommodate the rising temperatures of the summer. Here is a closer look at what a few countries are doing to adjust their wardrobe and style for the summer heat.

By the sea with Italy

As concluded from the notable Milan Fashion Week, a “by the sea” summer trend is on the rise in Italy. “The designers at Milan Fashion Week looked to nautical and seafaring looks for the spring 2016 season. From classic sailor stripes to imagery of oceanic life, everyone will be dressing for the sea life if these designers have anything to say about it,” an article on Milan Fashion Week stated. Many of the looks have three dimensional textiles that add to the nautical theme. So, when in Rome… dress like a seafarer straight off their yacht.

Patterns, prints and Morocco, oh my!

Moroccan summer fashion trends certainly fit the season with their airy and cheerful style. Saturated colors, intricate prints and detailed patterns are the story of Moroccan summer fashion this year. “Think intricate, traditional tapestries, rich colours and swirling tile prints.. dusky cornflower blues are infused with vivid coral tones, embroidered details and luxe fringing, all decorating flattering jumpsuits, girly dresses and statement kimono cover-ups. As for the accessories, I’m still lusting after the costume jewels, beaded sandals, glittering espadrilles and zig-zag print duffle bag,” Amy De Klerk of Look said. Moroccan fashion certainly seems to fit the summer season and the happy summer mindset.

The blooming in the UK

Just as flowers often welcome the Spring, the floral prints welcome the Summer in the United Kingdom. Floral prints are on the rise in the UK this summer, bringing a fresh look that is fitting for the beauty of the season. “The Floral Dress: Full-length, folksy and just a tough grungy, the new floral dress suggests a subversively romantic mood,” Vogue UK said. As subversive as Vogue may suggest, the floral print still represents delicacy and beauty and is the perfect trend for the upcoming summer months in the UK.

Indian intricacy

Beautiful and ornate embroidery adds an exquisite level of beauty to Summer fashion in India. Beads, jewels and delicate stitching add to the liveliness of the summer dress in India. “You can make a simple dress party wear by adding an embroidered shrug or stole on it. This can take things to the next level,” an article on Stylishwife.com said. With summer fast approaching, spice up your wardrobe with beautiful beads and ornate stitching- it is a great way to welcome the glory of the sunshine months in India.


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