American Beauty Trend: Young Gray-Haired Girls

Lady Gaga shows off her arctic locks.

For all these years, women have been going after a younger look, but now it’s the older, gray-haired look that is starting to take over. From eyelash extensions to tanned skin to fake nails, this summer young women are telling their hair stylists they want not blonde but gray hair. Starlets such as Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus are supporting the trend as they too have all gone gray, or silver as they prefer.

The color silver portrays a female energy that is elegant, sparkling, mysterious, sophisticated and wealthy. Gray can sound bland and old while silver is more light-hearted and optimistic.

Pink is the new silver.

There are a couple ways the silver shade can go. It can be a nod to the elderly or it can be another act to stick out in a world crowded with individuals.So let’s focus on why people color their hair in the first place.

Kyle White of Marie Claire says, “A lot of people feel they’re trapped in the wrong hair color.” If you feel one way, but look another, can it really affect your mental health? White says of his clients, it seems to prove true.

As a nod to the elderly, people could be going with the icy tint to appear more mature as they may feel on the inside.

Dascha Polanco from Orange is the Black sports her new, trendy hair color.

Or maybe, as an act to stick out, people see the rich and the famous dying their hair gray and see it as a way to be noticed themselves. Maybe they just want to be someone important and their current hair color isn’t doing much for them.

Either way, dying hair silver isn’t an easy or healthy process. If someone is going to make this decision, they have to really want to do it. An online hairstyle, care and fashion website, Hairfinder, says to dye hair silver, “a stylist needs to strip all the pigment out of the hair; it’s especially difficult to do so on darker hair with red and gold pigment. The pre-bleaching routine dries out hair and can weaken it.”

The outcome is beautiful, and it’s the look that young women will be chasing this summer. Trending on Instagram, social site Bored Panda features photos of women of all ages ‘going gray’ with the hashtag #grannyhair.

Whether you’re feeling the need to embrace an aged-look or the need to embrace a high-fashion trend today, silver may be the change you’re looking for.

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