The Multicultural Graphic Design Field

Waves - Graphic Design (Image by Alexandra Koch via Pixabay)

Graphic design is an ever-changing industry that involves many different cultures around the world.

Some graphic designers participate in various events or movements such as Black Lives Matter or show appreciation to Milton Glaser, a graphic designer who passed away.

Some designers specialize in illustrations, photoshop, web design, logo design, video editing or animations. But people find their style in graphic design making them very unique. 

Graphic Design
Image by Stefan Schweihofer from Pixabay

Diverse graphic designers

At the Colorado State University in Visual Arts, a gallery that features different designers worldwide shows appreciation toward Milton Glaser. In addition, the gallery contains posters from other graphic designers that involve the influence of Milton Glaser.

The graphic designers of the Hatton gallery are Agnieszka Ziemiszewska from Poland, Alejandro Ross from Argentina, Antonio Castro from the United States, Yossi Lemel from Israel and many more.

Many graphic designers came together to show their respect for Milton Glazer and his designs. People who are not even in the same country could put the exhibition together, presentable to the audience. 

The power of social media

Graphic design is constantly evolving, especially the technology that we have in this world. As a result, people can make connections across the globe without leaving the house.

Graphic design via social media
Image by Mary Pahlke from Pixabay

In addition, social media platforms or other online services created communities online to help bring people together. For example, the Black Lives Matter movement played a significant role in social media and other media networks. People banded together to fight for those who were mistreated and discriminated against. Greg Bunbury, a graphic designer from London, states that graphic design could be a tool for social change.

Design Week interviewed by Jon Daniel Artists can also create art to help impact a cause or movement. 

Different styles in graphic design

Art can show differences in many variations. While some understand the concept, some cannot.

For example, Ikko Tanaka, a Japanese graphic designer, has created a style combining modernist principles with traditional Japanese style in posters. Nihon Buyo is one of the well-known posters he had made, representing the simplified image of geisha (female Japanese performing artists).

Sex Pistols’ God Save The Queen (1977) (
Sex Pistols’ God Save The Queen (1997) – Single Cover by Jamie Reid

Another artist that also showed cultural references is Jamie Reid, a punk designer combining nationalistic photos and ransom note-style lettering into a style.

One well-known art piece is the album cover of the Sex Pistols’ “God Save The Queen.” Reid is known for both design and politics merging in the same lane.

Sindiso Nyoni, a fellow graphic designer, is known for his illustrations and poster designs. Nyoni is also an activist and a Bulawayo (Zimbabwe) multidisciplinary designer that has worked with advertising companies. He has done works in the United States, United Kingdom, Spain, Croatia, Germany and Mexico.

My personal experience in graphic design

Graphic design -- Nihon Buyo 1981
Nihon Buyo (1981) by Ikko Tanaka

As for almost graduating with a graphic design degree, I have had my fair share of experiences in the field. I have worked with fellow designers and with clients for a couple of years.

Some experiences are optimistic others are negative. But, overall, hearing the different perspectives of what a client wants or coming up with ideas with partners can be eye-opening when creating a product.

Ideas are the main drive when being creative, and hearing those ideas makes the experience more positive. In addition, getting constructive feedback and fixing those mistakes help out in the longer run.

Plus, adding different cultures into the design brings more life into the graphic itself. Even looking at other people’s graphic works can help get inspiration and spread references to other people. I feel art is to be explored and shared.

Graphic designers are unique, especially the style aspect when creating an art piece. Some are self-expression; others can be political or purposeful.  Graphic design is an ever-changing industry with different perspectives and cultures.

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