Remembering The search for the perfect pho in Prague

“Man I’m starving” I said, “where should we eat ladies?”

Class had just ended for the day at the Prague school of economics and we had the whole day ahead of us; time to find some grub.

“I know of a place!” Finn said, “ate there last week, you guys in the mood for some Vietnamese pho?”

For those of you that don’t know what pho is (pronounced fuh), you’re seriously missing out. This delicious, warm, flavorful broth is a Vietnamese classic, filled with rice noodles and meat. Add some bean sprouts, cilantro and a splash of sriracha and you got yourself one of my all time favorite noodle dishes.

Oh yessss look at how delicious that looks.

My mouth is watering.

Pho in Prague? That sounds a little strange right? Wrong! Prague has an extremely high Vietnamese population. After many years of migrants coming to the Czech Republic, almost every street in the city has a Vietnamese family run convenience store. With such a high foreign population you’re bound to find some authentic, delicious food.

Vietnamese convenience stores are perfect stop for alcohol and snacks.

After all agreeing that pho sounded amazing on this chilly fall day, we started off towards the bus stop.

“Finn you sure you know how to get there?” I asked, “shouldn’t we google map it while we still have WiFi?”

“Nah man, I know how to get there… Plus I don’t remember what the place is called so we can’t look it up anyways.”

Oh god.

“Ok if you’re sure,” I mumbled back skeptically.

After waiting 10 minutes, Bus 6 rolled up to the stop. Getting on, we braved the insane, road rage-filled journey to the “Florence” bus stop.
Stepping off into the cool autumn air we all turn to Finn for some direction on to where to go next.

“Ummm”, she said uncertainly (oh great), “I think it’s this way. I know it’s by a church!”

Oh really Finn it’s by a church?? Great. Prague, also known as the city of a hundred spires is one of the most heavily church populated city in all of Europe. The “spires” or top-most points of churches can been seen everywhere.

See those spires? See how many there are?!

Churches are everywhere!

We all start walking to where Finn thinks looks most familiar.

“Recognize any of this?” Sarah asked.

“Uh I think so…” Finn replied.

20 minutes later we loop back to the Florence bus stop. All visibly hangry we decided to pop in to a McDonald’s to connect to their free wifi.

“Finn are you sure you can’t remember the name?” Megan asked.

“No I can’t for the life of me. Sorry guys I know you are all hungry but I swear it will be worth it!”

After unsuccessfully googling Vietnamese  restaurants  we all decide to start off again in a different direction and by now it was clear that we really have no idea where we are going.

“Can we please eat soon,” Lubka whined, “I feel like I’m about to pass out!”

“Ok ok since I obviously can’t remember where this stupid restaurant is let’s just go back home.” grumbled Finn.

Defeated, with no pho, we retired back to the dorms and stopped for kebobs on the way, all of us visibly upset.

“Finn who even took you to this restaurant last week? Could you ask them what the name is?” Sarah asked.

“I went with my Czech friend Jon. I’ll text him when we get back.” Finn replied.

Later that night as we prepared to go out to the bars we hear Finn yelling in her room.

“Are you f*%¥ong kidding me!?” She yelled.

Shocked we all run into her room.

“Finn what’s up?! Something’s wrong?” Megan asked.

“Oh nothing, unless you consider the fact that the stupid restaurant, whose name I couldn’t remember was, in fact, called Remember.”

Are you serious? Let that sink in. How ironic.

Oh well, even though we were all defeated by Finns lack of memory that day, the following week we went to Remeber and got our delicious, hot, flavorful Vietnamese pho, and it was just as amazing as she made it out to be.




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