What Does Community Mean to You?

Chaz Bono once said, “I’ve been embraced by a new community. That’s what happens when you’re finally honest about who you are; you find others like you.” Bono, a public figure and equal rights activist, was speaking about the welcoming he received joining the LGBTQ+ community during his transition. Though some TCKs may have a hard time relating to a Trans* individuals, we can all identify with Bono’s journey towards self-actualization and becoming who he was meant to be against adversity.

I’ve chosen this quote because I believe it exemplifies the message we are trying to convey throughout this process for Culturs Magazine. We wanted to express the feeling of connection and unity that accompanies being a part of something bigger than yourself and how finding a community can help you foster authenticity. Bono’s words help to create a better image of how this can be achieved: through the connection with others.

Culturs focus is on helping its readers find connection by working towards a universal language told through stories, news, and events worldwide. Bono’s message of “finding others like you” encompasses our passion in uniting all different identities.

Both the TCK and LGBTQ+ communities thrive on love, belonging and honesty with yourself. Third Culture Kids and Globally Mobile individuals share this perspective of seeing the world on a larger scale. Because of the different cultures and understandings they have experienced, TCKs have the ability to create connections globally, create a worldwide community.

Community for LGBTQ+ individuals is everything. It is where you find your friends, you partners, you chosen family, your solace, your happiness, and your support.  In the creation of this project we decided it would be best to keep the definition of community central to all conversations.

Community can be a group that raises you up when you are low and reminds you who you are on days when you forget. Community can be found in those you are closet to and whom you entrust the majority of your respect and time. Community is vital to everyone’s perseverance in this world, regardless of how you identify. We all need connection because we all thrive on the support of others.

To visualize our idea we decided s to ask individuals  at Colorado State University how they define community. You can see their responses here.  After watching the footage, we found that the majority of people had similar definitions. We believe this speaks to the strength of our community here on campus because it seems our peers are all on the same wavelength of connection and purpose.

Needless to say, this experience was a great reflection of a small community  in Colorado, USA, but of course we cannot speak for everyone around the world, which is why we urge you to comment your definition of community in the comment section. We want to hear from you. Keep the conversation going, no definition is better than another. Take this video and live Bono’s words. “Find others like you,” and keep growing your community.


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