February: The Month of Carnival


Numerous countries around the globe look forward to celebrating February as the Month of Carnival.

Cities overflow with different masks, beads, colors, and confetti as people celebrate this annual occasion. With over 50 countries celebrating their own version of Carnival, one can only wish to be able to experience them all. Three of the most well known celebrations during this time are found in Venice, Italy, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and Louisiana, USA.

Known as one of the oldest carnival celebrations on the planet, the Venice Carnival began this year on January 31 and lasted until February 17. Most come to visit Venice for its relaxed way of life and peaceful tranquility. But at the final stroke of January, Venice is breathed new life and becomes filled with loud, vivacious parties with even more spirited people.

Traditional Bauta Venice Carnival Mask

What makes the Venice Carnival so reveled is the intricate and unique masks that people show off. The elaborate and elegant costumes that people wear each have their own significance and status.

There are three different styles of masks that people can wear.

The Bauta is a heavily gilded mask that covers the entire face and is known as the most celebrated mask of all due to the wearer being able to talk, eat, and drink without having to remove the mask. This allows the person to preserve his or her anonymity.

The mask, called Columbina conceals eyes, upper cheeks and nose is hugely popular as well. The Medico della peste mask, which has a long beak, is the most quirky one.

If Venice is too far to experience, another Carnival celebration that’s recognized worldwide is Mardi Gras in Louisiana, USA. Beginning February 17, the streets of New Orleans become colored with gold, green and purple beaded necklaces. While multiple cities in the United States celebrate Mardi Gras, Louisiana is the only state that officially recognizes as a formal holiday. With decorated floats, electrifying music and King Cake, New Orleans is a city worth visiting.

Rio Carnival

If you’re an experienced reveler and looking for the best of the best Carnivals, Rio de Janeiro is the place for you. Known for being the King of Carnival, Rio de Janeiro has earned the title of Carnival Capital of the World.

The celebration began this year on February 13 and will last until February 18.This Carnival is attended by over five million people each year.

Though it’s not the longest of Carnivals those four days are filled with reveled performances from popular Samba schools. Each night, spectators witness the spectacular performance that features bright and colorful costumes that are dedicated to a specific theme. The dancing and music during the four days are what makes the Carnival so praise worthy as they are what set up the frame of mind for revelers.

So instead of hiding from February indoors next year grab a mask, some beads and friends and celebrate the Month of Carnival.


  1. This article made me jealous.  I wish Colorado had a carnival like Venice, Louisiana or Brazil. The article had great detail which made it fun to read. 

    1. Thanks for the input! I definitely feel the same way though! I know the closest thing Colorado has to those types of festivals is the EDM Music Festival which I hear is fantastic!

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