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Gondolas at night, Venice Italy.

Story and Art by Peter Lo


Art and Travel

Growing up as a Third Culture Kid with a rich but very diverse heritage, from Scotland to China to India to Malaysia, and as a serial ex-pat and lover of travel, I am no stranger to transitions and the richness of exploration. art travel

This tension expresses itself in my artwork. I paint to capture magical memories in time of “home” to promote a sense of well-being through belonging — of being able to be home whilst being away. art travel

Always on the move, I find myself constantly in a cycle of having left, leaving, returning and being returned — and that is why I paint.

Hanging art in my home helps me to travel back or forward in time, between my heritage, between my travels, and at the end of the day to steal that quiet moment for myself to enjoy the sacred act of art and being back home. And, in that moment, art for me is enacting kindness for the soul.

Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong

Cherry Blossoms, Scotland.

As a self-taught artist, I paint in watercolours as I love this medium’s spontaneity that suits my desire to capture “essence.” I now create art for expatriates, Third Culture Kids and travelers. My work ships worldwide for people who resonate with my story, those who have several places they like to call home.


Ultimately, I use my art as a tool to help people’s well-being and to discover their meaning of home. As a traveler, my wider body of work celebrates our diverse humanity and prompts us to safeguard our beautiful planet.

Peter Lo

Learn more and connect with Peter Lo at: or follow him on Instagram @peterloart

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