The Scarf: Fall/Winter’s Must Have Accessory

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The seasons of Fall/Winter are filled with eye-catching trends. With the right must-have accessory, you can change the entire feel of an ensemble

With the right must-have accessory, you can change the entire feel of an ensemble

Each season holds a special place in my heart and in my closet. With the change of weather comes the change in my wardrobe, and I find myself becoming anxious with all of the fashionable goodies that will find at retailers in-store and online. If you live in a cooler climate then you know just how challenging it can be to look cute during the Fall and Winter months. You’re constantly struggling with your sense of fashion because you’re essentially trying to stay warm and look cute all at the same time.

Bird & Knoll scarves
© birdandknoll – All Rights Reserved. Bird & Knoll scarves from (L-R): Turkish Cinderella, Bebe Inca, Indo-Cola Cool, Santorini Blue, Island Ride, and Very Venetian.

A splash of color, style, and warmth can come from a simple accessory…. the scarf. They can be found in a ton of colors, prints, and fabrics from lightweight to heavyweight. Whether you live in a warmer climate like the Bahamas or a colder climate like Greenland, there is always an excuse to wear a scarf. This fresh accessory can have enough carefree elegance to switch up your style effortlessly or just enough warmth to bundle up with multiple layers for a statement look.

scarf 2
Photo (L-R): Modena Floral Scarf, Echo Ombré Multi Stripe Infinity Scarf, and ASOS Jacquard Scarf
Designer Scarf
Photo (L-R): Natasha Couture ‘Jessi’s Bavarian Oblong’ Scarf, Vince Camuto Geometric Print Silk Scarf, and Isabel Toledo Graphic Scarf

This simple piece of fabric can be a game changer for your entire outfit. The best thing about this accessory is that it’s available in a multitude of price points ranging from $12 to several hundred dollars. From independent sellers to major retail designer brands, there is a scarf out there with your name on it that can fit your style and budget. From wool to knit to pashmina’s, it’s as simple as picking the one that can best express your sense of style and your demographic functionality requirements.

© 2014 Bloomingdale's
© 2014 Bloomingdale’s

Be creative and learn how to drape your scarf in a multitude of ways and a subtle trick that can shake up your wardrobe by being both graceful and dramatic. There is a scarf out there with your name on it that’s just waiting to be draped loosely around your neck. You just have to be bold enough to experiment with your look.


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