Lorenzo Posocco and Dua Lipa: Cultural Identity Exposed Through the Music Media

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Lorenzo Posocco is a culturally fluid stylist who takes inspiration from many cultures. With that, he works to make a global impact for the fashion industry. Posocco styles artist Dua Lipa, who channels these looks to display to her large fanbase. The collaboration of the two results in an interesting, fresh and eclectic style that pulls the attention to the beauty of the pieces on the artist. 

Source: Lorenzo Posocco via Instagram

Lorenzo Posocco and his styling experience

When it comes to cultural fluidity within the music industry, the duo’s upbringings and cultural backgrounds play a significant role. Stylist Lorenzo Posocco was raised in a small town in Northern Conegliano, Italy. Eventually, Posocco went on to study communications and marketing at ILUM. That experience and choice of study led him to start shadowing and collaborating with stylists and designers. He then went on to being a stylist for MTV Italia and working up to become a fashion editor.

After graduation and working for MTV, he proceeded to move to become a London-based stylist. This move allowed for him to continue to work with publications, editorials, and advertising agencies related to fashion.

Lorenzo Posocco via Instagram

Dua Lipa’s cultural impact in fashion

Dua Lipa was born in London from a Muslim family of Yogoslavian descent. She is popular in the United States but is a superstar known all around the world. With her English nationality along with the cultural fluidity of her race and religion, she is a catalyst for style within the music industry. Her music is popular in many countries and she is a well known, successful, and respected celebrity and artist. With Lorenzo Posocco as her stylist, she has refined her style to match the ideal perception of a pop superstar, along with adding her own elements to her style with the help of Posocco.

One of her most recent performances have highlighted the statement pieces she wears and the careful consideration of her styling. For instance, she was wearing custom made, vintage Versace during her performance and on the red carpet for the Grammy Awards. To add, she was also seen wearing a rare Azzedine Alaïa leopard-print bustier top during a Saturday Night Live performance.


Posocco’s cultural influences

Lorenzo Posocco’s inspiration and inclusion of different cultural elements within his styling techniques comes from his eye for vintage, rare, and iconic cultural era pieces. The different touches and influences of styles from these eras are what catches his eye and is something he grew up to admire. Specifically while watching different looks on television, MTV music videArtist os, and magazine editorials such as Vogue or Rolling Stone. According to an interview done with Posocco by Paper Magazine, Posocco has a “global approach to image-making”. Therefore, it allows for a culturally fluid outlook on fashion and portraying that fashion within the media for a global reach.

Posocco takes into consideration pop culture, travel, his upbringing, film, music, and books to channel his looks. In addition, he also gathers inspiration from fashion archives from the 80s and 90s. Including entertainment and the media as a whole. Posocco cites inspiration and pieces from Versace and Prada as his main inspirations and reliable designers.

Music and celebrity culture influencing fashion

Music and celebrity culture is an aspect that has a strong impact with the fashion industry on a global scale. Within the music industry, there is a strong ability to showcase the artist and what they wear. The existence and creation of music videos, award shows, performances, and concerts provide a look to the artist’s personal style. Furthermore, the stylist is able to achieve their goal and vision for their muse to wear for a greater audience to view. The impact artists and celebrities have within the media on their own is highly effective.

Celebrities have the influence to inspire and cause change on large and miniscule scales. In addition to the music industry, there is a wide array of cultures within the artists and their music. Those differing cultures and subcultures have different tastes. When these artists are portrayed in the media, they are promoting what is next and now for their audience. With this reach, they are able to impact a vast amount of people because music is a cultural factor, something that many people of opposing and differing cultures can relate to and understand.

Source: Dua Lipa via Instagram

Cultural impact from music culture

According to an article from Billboard, ”stylists help define a star’s image. People see you before they hear you speak. It’s an impression that speaks volumes.”

With this impact, whatever is being displayed for their brand is what is being absorbed by the media, along with their cultures as well as the subcultures of the fan base. Dua Lipa and Lorenzo Posocco have dictated that fashion is something that heightens and elevates the artist and the performance.

Having this appreciation leads to how the fans and media perceive the look to a wide degree. Individual representation and respect for fashion is clear in their visions when creating looks and sourcing pieces.

Dua Lipa being a musical artist allows for more of a performance. There is an avant garde and couture appeal to her performances compared to other musicians in the industry. While she is styled as if she were in a fashion editorial or how high-fashion models appear, Due Lipa makes it effortless for her fans to enjoy and respect.

Posocco’s vision for fashion in the music industry

Posocco views fashion as a culmination of differing trends, styles, cultures, and influences. He is working to put his identity and vision into his work and stylistic choices. These stylistic choices are showcased to a large mass of people around the globe. Music is an outlet and a part of the media that is a strong indicator of success. Therefore, it possesses the ability to impact all people regardless of their own cultural upbringing and identities.

Using the music and media allows for a more expansive perspective on Dua Lipa, Lorenzo Posocco, and the looks they come out with. The media and music is something that everyone is aware of and cannot entirely escape regardless of their views and opinion on music in general. With these factors of inspiration, Posocco achieves a dynamic and refreshing cultural blend of fashion and is able to convey that artistry to all who follow and keep up with Dua Lipa and her music.

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