International Student-Athletes: Living the ‘American Dream’

Here we go, the last part of this little story about an “American Dream.”

Let’s see where we left off.

In a pair of previous posts, I told you how I know Odett Schlegl, and our little story from middle school to being teammates in high school.

I wrote about her journey when she decided to continue her basketball career and education in the United States. Her ability to play basketball has helped her to reach one of her biggest goals: earning a scholarship, which is worth a lot, but not only in money.

family (Image via Pixabay)
Image by Denise Husted from Pixabay

It’s worth more in her heart and for her family who always had her back.

My family has always been by my side, whenever I decided on a big journey. They were right by me.

Odett Schlegl

Odett, as far as I knew, had the same dream of playing overseas as many other little girls.

As she mentioned her family was and literally is right by her side, especially her sister Zsüliett, who lives not far away from her.

Having a sister to rely on

I personally feel like she has a great support system by her side: an older sister who basically became her parent over the last two years.

I asked Odett whether their relationship has become stronger or had it changed and she said:

Actually, our relationship has become even stronger than it was before.


Seeing her obviously is a challenge since Odett’s life is full of school and basketball. Her sister has a job too, so therefore aligning their schedules is very hard. Also, making sure that you have time for things that you actually want to do or people you actually want to see is very important.

Dream with differences

Like I mentioned in the first part of this story, cultural differences can occur in sports too. Especially when you used to play in a different country. You see differences in the play of basketball too.

Hungarian Palacsinta
Hungarian Palacsinta (By I, Themightyquill, CC BY 2.5)

Not to mention the cultural shock that you must go through: Food, people, everything is different.

One of the biggest challenges I had so far is the difference between the food. I love my stomach and I miss Hungarian food a lot.

Fortunately, I have Zsüli who cooks for me every time I go see her. She even makes my favorite food, palacsinta.

Odett Schlegl

Even though the differences are big between the two cultures, being young and wanting to learn more helps her a lot.

I asked her about the future, if she will ever feel comfortable about the challenges she has to face around the road.

I believe I have developed another big dream that I will be chasing, and nothing will stop me accomplishing it.

Odett Schlegl

I know when Odett sets a goal for herself she will not stop until she gets to that point.

This is the end of this little story that I hope it will make people realize about the importance of having a dream and pushing through until it is achieved.


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