Must Go: Experience Kenya’s Wildlife on Safari

City view from Nairobi National Park
Nairobi National Park, a short drive from the business district in Nairobi

World traveling brings more than just a different perspective to the common wanderer, it increases your understanding of the way the world’s most unique people live and coexist with each other. Or in this case the way people coexist with the wild animals found among them. In Kenya, from the desolate bush to the congested street markets, animals can be found everywhere.


Nairobi National Park is located just outside the business district in Kenya’s capital city but is just far enough away from the bustle of city life to be home to some of the most exotic animals such as the giraffe, lion, cheetah and wildebeest. Nairobi National Park is one of the reasons that Kenya is on the Must Go list for Culturs.


Two lion cubs in Nairobi National Park
Even in this busy city, lion cubs can roam and play just as in the far off bush

Venturing a little south of Nairobi, brings you further into the bush which means more wildlife and more majestic views. Amboseli National Park, stretching to the Kenya-Tanzania border, is the best spot in Kenya to view free-range elephants with a backdrop of the breathtaking Mount Kilimanjaro. Kenya’s Amboseli National Park offers wildlife safaris and according to Joseph Dadacha, the park’s Deputy Senior Warden, “Coming on safari…is a basic human necessity.”

Joseph Dadacha, Deputy Senior Warden of Amboseli National Park, Kenya
Dadacha has always known he’s wanted to work with wildlife

Dadacha explains that going on safari will not only give the traveler a chance to view animals they have never seen up close before, but safari will give each individual exactly what he or she needs. Whether this is getting away from the stress of everyday life or giving families and friends special memories to enjoy together. Amboseli National Park takes Kenya to the top of the Must Go list for Culturs.


Two elephants roaming Amboseli National Park
Elephants and their offspring can wander in the expanses of this park located just below Mount Kilimanjaro

The culture of safari isn’t just about viewing these incredible animals or snapping pictures of them. When you safari in a National Park, you can rest easy that there are Kenyan officials protecting their greatest predators- humans.

Kenya Wildlife Services, established in 1990, was created to conserve wildlife in designated areas to ensure safety from poachers and big-game hunters. Kenya Wildlife Services established 24 national parks and 28 national reserves to protect animals from extinction. Wardens, like Joseph Dadacha, are trained to protect the animals at all cost and can be recognized by their military uniforms and firearms.

Kenya is on the Must Go list not only for its astonishing wildlife but also for Kenya’s unique relationship with its beloved animals. Travel to Kenya and explore the way Kenya’s people coexist with wildlife.


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