Negra Como Soy: Sol Trujillo — U.S. Latinos and Our Colletive Future (VIDEO)

Negra Como Soy: Sol Trujillo — U.S. Latinos and Our Collective Future (VIDEO) on XOTV
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In this episode, Doni and Dr. Rhonda had the pleasure of interviewing Solomon D. (“Sol”) Trujillo, a global business executive.

Sol has had numerous successes while serving as CEO of three large market-cap global companies in the three different corridors of the world: the Americas, Europe-Middle East-Africa and Asia Pacific.

He talks about the importance of Latinos in the U.S. and why Afro-Latin is something we all should embrace.

Click below to watch the interview on XOTV.me!

Negra Como Soy -- First Latino Executive at AT&T Sol Trujillo on XOTV
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