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Welcome. Here at Culturs, our TV program becomes a space for culturally diverse individuals to share their stories in an interactive way. Each space varies, but each one is enriching and full of personal stories that add to the experience of the viewer.

Here are three guests featured on the March 11th taping (complete with a classy fireplace):

  • Shayla Monteiro talked about the ‘big chop’ of all her hair, and what going “natural” means to her spiritually.
  • Kayla Banks talked about her cultural mobility, including everything from her parents cultural background, being exposed to people of different cultures and being educated on the world around her.
  • Grace Stamps described how she is the inspiration behind her art series “Grey,” and what it represents.

Here are the places you can find interviews from Culturs TV:

Look below for a first-hand look at what goes on behind the scenes of Culturs.

Let’s get started.

The taping begins with technical set-up from the production staff.

Beicker and Murphy have their SDI cables running straight from the cameras to the Tricaster in the back room (more about the tricaster and the back room are down below).


Left to right, Dalton Beicker, Michaela Murphy and Weston Dockter take time to do some simple camera set-up and check their settings.















Hey Michaela, hold up and  strike a pose. Okay, now let’s get back to shooting.

Next, the Production Staff needs to make sure that the lighting and camera placement is correct.

Staff members Kayna Frye-Wilson and Kaitlyn Crocker become test subjects to make sure the light is not too bright for the cameras. Photo by Lia Conger.
Frye-Wilson and Emily Rogers find ways to adjust the light. Photo by Lia Conger









The Tricaster is being set up here in the back room. This is where the director sits, makes cuts and where all the footage is held. This is the brain of the operation,or the “director’s throne”.

Weston Dockter and Taz Arguello are plugging in cables and setting it up for operation. Photo by Lia Conger


Here’s my view through the fireplace. I feel so classy sitting next to it and I get to creep on the entire production staff.


Okay, now it’s time for the taping to finally begin. Shayla and your humble host, Doni Luckutt, test their sound levels through the microphones attached to the tops of their shirts.

Shayla identifies as bi-racial. She is Black, African American, Cherokee and Portugese. Last December, she decided to commit to ‘the big chop’ which is where someone will chop off all of their hair in order for it to grow out and start over. She described it as, “a symbolic representation of my life experiences, the identity of my hair serves as my platform in my conquest to awakening my inner beauty.”



Behind the scenes, Luckett prepares for the next interview with Banks, while she sits and looks flawless. Banks’ enthusiasm and passion for dance is apparent in the interview since dance is a great way for her to express herself.

Banks’ diverse background comes from her dad being in the military and having a mom with African American, Czech and Jewish roots. “I consider myself a mutt,” said Banks. “I’ve always been around people of different cultures.”


For the last interview, Stamps came to talk about her paintings and how they reflect her cultural background. Coming from a black and white background, Stamps represents herself in her paintings with a grey figure that interacts among vibrant figures.

Her way of creating her self-identity is very well communicated through her artwork.


Luckett signals the end of our taping with a congratulatory fist pump. That’s a wrap!


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  1. I love the visual elements. The photo slide show really gives the audience a great feel for the emotion that goes into producing a Culturs show! 

  2. I really enjoyed listening to other students share their experience about culture. I had a good time also giving my background as a TCK

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