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Radical Self Care – That’s the promise promoted by Go Deep, a company committed to helping people transform their bodies with enhanced energy, focus and sleep. CEO Dana Knowles Licko is a former TV news reporter and multicultural stay-at-home mom who wanted to take control of her health after battling and overcoming a post-surgery painkiller addiction.

On searching for a solution to make her feel more healthful and energized, she had to go deep into research, spent years developing various blends of adaptogenic herbs, medicinal mushrooms and collagen that would eventually transform her mind and body.

Collagen helped her hair grow and thicken while also reviving her skin’s youthful glow. It also helped heal her gut, which in her words, “was a mess.” Her mixes provided bountiful energy during the day and helped her fall and stay asleep at night. Since the blends helped Licko take back power and have better control over her health and wellness, she’s now on a mission to help others change their lives how her products changed hers. According to Licko, GoDeep is the only company making these power-packed, life-enhancing blends:

POWER protein blend for energy

RELAX to calm

ACTIVATE for that get-up-and-go

Available online, the site also provides suggested recipes for smoothies, smoothie bowls, activated coffee and tea and overnight oats to begin or continue a radical health care journey.

$42- 45 at www. Go Deep.Live

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