The 32nd Miami Film Festival has arrived

32 Miami Film Festival is in Town

On Friday March 6 through the 15th the “Film Festival” will be in town. In 1983 the film festival originated in South Florida. The purpose behind this event was to connect cultural understanding amongst different views and backgrounds.

This festival has a rich history that led to the building of the Olympia Theater in Downtown Miami in 1989.This theater was the first one to broadcast a complete Spanish film. Miami Dade College (MDC) has been helping promote this festivity since the 1990’s. Expansion has occurred amongst different cultures in the Latin community and has allowed a passageway for new ideas and improvement every year.

Well known superstars have made appearances during the festivals such as, Ashton Kutcher, Kate Hudson, and many other iconic stars. This March 12th Miami International Film will be premiering “DawgFight”. A film recorded in the veins and streets of Miami exposing men’s backyard fighting. This film will illustrate different men’s from all races trying to earn some “bread”(money) to make a living.

The outside of the theater is filled with merchants from all different places. Food is a key component presented every year in admiring the different groups of people presented. As the years advance this festival continues to grow and embrace the beauty of cultures through film and food.

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