Climate Change’s Impact On Cultures Around The World — Part 1

One World (Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash)

There’s no doubt, the Earth’s climate has changed progressively throughout history. In fact, we owe the origins of humanity to one of these many changes. Seven thousand years ago, there was a shift from what was an ice age, to the climate that one would experience nowadays walking to the nearest park.

According to modern sciences, the belief is that there have been seven shifts in the past 650,000 years. With that thought in mind, the average span of time in between these changes should prove true to 93,000 years.

Meaning, according to the numbers, it’s highly implausible that a shift is occurring without a third-party player causing changes. It’s not time for a natural shift in climate due to the Earth’s orbit or solar activity.  Humanity has begun to affect the atmosphere through pollutants, henceforth creating a change in the global climate.

Climate change is a global issue

Climate change and the earth
Climate change and the earth (Image via Pixabay)

Global climate change is a hot topic across the United States. However, climate is not merely a U.S. issue, it’s an Earth issue. This concerns the entirety of the globe, where many nations are hard at work and dedicated in doing their part to solve the situation.

Unfortunately, while some band together with aspirations to make a difference, others cease progressive movement by viewing it as a myth. The task at hand is not easy, but it is time to take action.

While carbon emissions are on the rise and the world’s climate continues to change rapidly, people from all around the world have daily routines. For many people, this daily routine includes planting crops and taking care of them on a day-to-day basis. For a high number of nations, especially the poorer ones, the common way to make ends meet is through agriculture.

Food scarcity

Climate Change and Global Warming (Image via Pixabay)
Climate Change and Global Warming (Image via Pixabay)

Successful agriculture is dominantly reliant on climate, considering that the weather surrounding the crop dictates whether a crop will grow, or if it will not. Due to this, global climate change poses a threat to many impoverished nations as the skies change.

If food becomes subtly or drastically scarce for these people, prices for food will rise alongside the scenario. Meaning, if farmers who already struggle to survive as is begin to fail in their fields, many incomes worldwide will not reach the price of what it takes to live in the world today.

Climate action isn’t the only thing that we struggle to gain control over. The environment has so many different elements to it that are affected by our actions towards the ecosystem.

Check out Part 2 tomorrow.

— By ewageck

Raised in California and Colorado, U.S.A., Wageck believes each state has its own culture. In traveling the world, she is able to learn what she can share with society and other people. After traveling and truly experiencing the world, she plans one day to return “home.”


  1. I totally agree with this article. The state of the environment can cause ripples across all aspects of globalization! When the article spoke about food prices possibly rising due to climate change, it made me think more about the economic issues surrounding climate change. It’s incredibly complex – to save the planet, many believe we must give up fossil fuels, which fuels global economies! But at the same time, continuing to fuel climate change will also hurt the economy! It seems there is no solution, but hopefully global governments can find a middle ground solution.

  2. Agriculture is dominantly reliant on climate, but in order to lower the climate we must reduce CO2 in the air. Most people are already working on that. Electric cars are already on the roads, tech is slowly becoming more efficient with the electricity. I think the only thing we as a species need to work on is how we can sustain ourselves with enough energy without releasing as much CO2 in the process.

  3. Climate change is such an important subject and one that people need to make time to really understand. It is scary to think that if we do not do something about this soon we will not be able to have the earth we know now. The crazy thing is that really small changes can make a really big difference in the impact we make on our planet and the rapid changing climate. It is such serious matter and something that affects all cultures and communities around the world.

  4. The world is a very globalized system, and a lot of companies from other countries have effects on places all over the world. Climate change is a growing problem and effects places differently. I also feel that some countries really care about our climate more than others. It is definitely something we all need to come together about, because it is such an ongoing issue.

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