Sixty Seconds in Big Bear, California for Clear Thinking and Boosting Energy

Big Bear, California, USA (via Pixabay)

This Culturs TV Wednesday Energy Medicine Minute comes from Big Bear, California, USA where Culturs experts Dondi Dahlin and Titanya Dahlin share an Energy Medicine technique designed to help you feel more clear and energized.

The thymus gland sits in the center of the chest behind the sternum. This is one of the seats of your immune system that produces hormones to help keep your body healthy.

Thumping the thymus for energy

Thumping your thymus gland sends energy into this region, boosting not only your immune system, but also bringing strength and vitality to your entire being. This is also a great technique for your lungs, especially if you are at high elevations.

Sixty Seconds -- Energy Medicine Minute in Big Bear, California
Thumping the Thymus

To begin this exercise, take one or two hands and “thump” or pound on the center of the sternum with some pressure. Titanya says doing this with two hands “integrates the right and left hemispheres of the brain, helping you think better and gain more energy.” Think about our relatives the primates – they do this often! And, like Tarzan and Jane, feel free to make some sound!

Do this as many times a day as you like and encourage those kids in your life to do it too!

Dondi, Titanya, and their mother Donna Eden are Culturs experts who perform Energy Minutes all around the world to bring health and healing to the Culturs TV audience. Please note the Eden Energy Medicine disclaimer by clicking here.

Check out the video below on XOTV.com!


  1. Wow! I really enjoyed this article . Big Bear, California has always been one of my favorite places. It is perfect for resetting your body and mind. This article was great, showing a particular move that I can start to do to boost my energy and immune system. I will definitely start trying this technique.

  2. This was a super cute article! I imagine that not only is this technique good for your energy and immune system, but I’m sure it also is great for stress (from the rush of endorphins associated with laughing at each other). For those who love to travel like me, this will be a great tool to use in higher elevation hiking anywhere in the world; though you may get some funny looks from others!

  3. This article really felt a feel good story. It’s encouragement for people to find a means of physical activity that provides many benefits is truly interesting. I don’t believe I have really ever seen what was demonstrated here anywhere else in my life, but I want to try it. But also being in the location where they are at in Big Bear, California looks amazing and truly a part of the full experience. Being the times we are currently living in and still trying to overcome the struggles endured from the past couple of years, this could a great coping mechanism for stress and letting my minds find a good state. I really enjoyed this article and want to try this very soon.

  4. I love this article and the “Energy Medicine Minute” that Culturs provides. I find it very healing for an international magazine focused on beats and topics of many cultures to include ways to heal oneself. There are many meditation and energy strategies that can be very helpful in universally healing the world and accepting everyone from all places. This article did a great job at providing a form of energy medicine and techniques, along with disclaimers and other sources. Well done!

  5. I thought this article was super interesting! We can always learn more about keeping our bodies healthy and interesting way of obtaining natural energy. Doing this at Big Bear really drew the audience in and created a relaxing and peaceful place to learn something new and reset.

  6. I recently was in Big Bear for the first time and it is so down to earth, much like this article. I love learning about different healing techniques and how different culturs choose to care for themselves. I have more curiosity on the subject… How did you learn this technique, what is it’s origin in Big Bear, California, and who was your guide into this healing process along your journey? It would be interesting to learn a little more about the story rather than just the technique. I absolutely loved reading this and learning about the different immune system regions in the body. Can’t wait to try this out! Thanks.

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