‘From Scratch’ on Netflix: A Powerful, Cross-Cultural Love Story

Tembi Locke and 'From Scratch'

“From Scratch” is a current Netflix Limited Series that spent five weeks on the streamer’s Global Top 10 TV list in late October and much of November 2022.

The adaptation reached the Top 10 TV lists in 84 countries and is an extension of author Tembi Locke’s “New York Times” best-selling book “From Scratch: A Memoir of Love, Sicily, and Finding Home.”

It’s a powerful, cross-cultural love story of a Sicilian man and African-American woman who discover themselves, and love, in Italy.

Tembi Locke and 'From Scratch' on Netflix
Tembi Locke and ‘From Scratch’


The book outlines the author’s relationship with her late husband Saro through three summers spent in the Sicilian countryside. We anticipate their coming together in the streets of Florence and revel in their move to Los Angeles, U.S.A.

Just when all seems going well despite familial and cultural differences, we feel their grief as they deal with hardship and loss.

It describes “a rare illness that upends everything they thought they knew about family and forgiveness. Ultimately, Tembi’s tribulations lead her back to the Sicilian countryside and her mother-in-law’s table, where with the healing gifts of simple fresh food, the embrace of a close-knit community and the power of enduring love, she finds the strength to step into a new life.”


Locke’s website calls the Netflix limited series as a story that sits at the interaction of real life and fiction, inspired by a lifetime of stories that never made it into the book.

“Working with my sister, Attica Locke, and a team of incredible writers made the prospect of adapting ‘From Scratch’ even more exciting. Attica and I bring to the development and writing process a shorthand, a shared creative sensibility and an intimate knowledge of these characters. As sisters and storytellers with more than four decades of combined Hollywood experience, both in front of and behind the camera, we knew things would have to change from the book to the screen. The narrative structure would shift and we have an open willingness to fictionalize,” she says.

The sisters’ hope was to weave an expanded story that leaves the audience with deeper insights and leaves viewers longing to read the book.

Locke serves as an executive producer and co-writer for the Netflix limited series inspired by her book.

Book: Published by Simon and Schuster, $18 at Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, Books a Million and Indie Bound.

Check it out on Netflix.

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