Scissors Kick — Sixty Seconds in Solvang, California to Help Alleviate Symptoms of Depression

Solvang California (Photo by Anthony Fomin on Unsplash)

This Culturs TV Wednesday Energy Medicine Minute comes from the Danish town of Solvang, California, where Culturs expert Titanya Dahlin demonstrates an Energy Medicine technique designed to help alleviate the symptoms of depression.

Scissors Kick

The Scissors Kick is a wonderful technique to incorporate into your routine for anyone who is looking to alleviate feelings of depression. Have you ever watched children do this? It’s something you may have even done — or even still do! Titanya offers in the video that this is her favorite Energy Medicine exercise.

Inviting your energies to cross over will help you think more clearly, absorb information faster and deeper and will also calm stress. Another added benefit is that this is a deeply grounding exercise. If you have been traveling, and especially for those who have traveled by air for a good stretch of time, do this to “come back into yourself.”

To begin this exercise, first find a soft spot to rest upon, preferably on grass or natural earth. With your belly facing the ground, bend your knees and begin to cross your ankles back and forth, alternating your feet each time. If your knees feel good with this, you want to swing your feet out as far as you can before coming back in and crossing fully.

Cross over

While you are crossing your ankles back and forth, rest on your elbows and place your hands on your chin. This will help your energies hook up, zip up and cross over. This will also calm your stress response.

Titanya Dahlin, her sister, Dondi Dahlin and their mother Donna Eden are Culturs experts who perform Energy Minutes all around the world to bring health and healing to the Culturs TV audience. Please note the Eden Energy Medicine disclaimer by clicking here.

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Scissors Kick to help alleviate depression

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