Corinna P. Kromer on How to Thrive With Greek Health Practices

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Corinna P. Kromer is a Mediterranean Lifestyle Coach, Wellness Educator, and Energy Medicine professional. She is native to Greece and later studied in England and the United States to pursue her interests in healing the body and mind.

Corinna P. Kromer
Corinna P. Kromer

Her health practices stem from her Greek heritage and the ancient wisdom of the culture. As a lifestyle coach, she works with various techniques to maximize health. 

It is important to approach healing from all different aspects of who we are in order to create lasting change; the mind, emotions and body all need to work together in order to reach a harmonious state of being.

Corinna P. Kromer


While growing up in Greece, Kromer lived with a drastically different outlook on food. Through the various seasons that Greece experiences, her family would use the ingredients available. There were no constant imports of food; everything was homemade. 

In this environment, Kromer learned how the body needs specific nutrients during different seasons in order for it to thrive. Her book, “A Mediterranean Infused Cookbook and Memoir: Seasonal & Allergen Free Cooking,” provides different recipes for whole foods that will benefit the human body. 

Kromer’s Cookbook

The cuisine in Greece is catered to the season. While consumers can access most any type of food in a U.S. grocery store, it is common in Greek culture to wait for seasonal foods. Instead of grabbing squash at any time of the year, one will have to wait until July in Greece.

This makes it so the food is fresh and natural. The body will be able to absorb the nutrients properly. 


In addition to her work on nutrition in holistic wellness, Kromer looks at the effect trauma has on the body. This could be both physical and mental trauma.

Certain experiences create blocks within us which are not always addressed.


When someone experiences trauma, they leave a piece of themself behind. With healing work for the body and mind, people can reclaim a piece of the puzzle of who they are.

Kromer uses lucid hypnosis and various other techniques to help those who need to reclaim their thriving in life. This technique takes the mind back to where a person has lost a piece of themselves. Though it is considered hypnosis, a person is conscious the entire session.

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In addition to these aspects of nutrition and trauma relief through a Greek practices lens, the value of human connection as a wellness tool is important. Kromer has experienced life in the United States and in Greece, noticing the contrasts in support systems.

Support for others and respect for those around you are two major values that Kromer grew up with. Many cultures have a focus on a nuclear family. However, the Greek culture values on human connections include nuclear and extended family as well as friends. 

To heal the body and mind, Kromer recommends multiple practices that will improve one’s day and life:

Time for yourself

When waking up in the morning, it is important to listen to your thoughts and body. Instead of going straight to the phone, take time to be with yourself. 

The body communicates through feelings. Create some quiet time for yourself after waking up. 

Clear the Mind

At the beginning and end of the day, our thoughts are cluttered from the work we have been doing and the daily stress we endure. 

Before going to sleep, focus on what you want in life. For the next eight hours, the brain will be in a creative delta state of sleep. A person will be thinking these thoughts subconsciously. It is cathartic to focus on what you would like to achieve or receive rather than keeping a negative mindset. 

Practicing clearing the mind in the morning will help set you up for an energetic and content day.

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The focus is the ‘self,’ as self-healing and self-actualization help us find answers. You will learn ways to enhance your presence in this world by ‘healing’ past obstacles and trauma that block you from receiving what is rightfully yours.


Take 10

In most societies, people are encouraged to work all day. We have become masters of multitasking. Although this helps us achieve many goals, it can create stress in both the body and mind.

Taking short breaks in between tasks will help yourself reset for the next activity you have planned.

These three daily practices in addition to the way one values nutrition can help your wellbeing thrive. 


Kromer, as a Greek native, integrates cultural practices into her work as a lifestyle and energy coach. She draws from Greek practices and values such as human connection and support. This is in addition to her focus on a Mediterranean diet and nutrition needs dependent on the seasons. 

Her coaching additionally focuses on trauma and alleviating the pain or negative effects it has on the body and mind. Kromer shares great ways to help the body thrive as you traverse through life. 

You can find more info on Kromer on Instagram or at her website www.healthawarenesscoach.com.

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