So You Think You’re a World Citizen: A Global Identity

Photo Credit: courtesy of http://stoantonio1984.unblog.fr/2009/08/01/antipop-consortium/

We’ve all seen the futuristic movies where people wake up in one country, commute across the world in the blink of an eye, meet up with friends for drinks on another continent, and zip back home for dinner. And I for one am waiting for the day to come when this is our reality – personally I’m holding out with all of the Trekers for the transporter pads!


But what you don’t see is all of these people stripping for TSA, going through immigration, or standing at border control. Migratory birds never waiver at borders, because there are no lines drawn in the clouds. Whales traveling across oceans never pause between latitudes, as there are no fences between currents. So why do we draw imaginary lines in the sand and declare land to belong to certain groups of people?


What would it be like to just be a citizen of the world? The future of travel is in the World Passport. Believe it or not, this already exists!


Photo Credit: DodgertonSkillhause
Photo Credit: DodgertonSkillhause

The World Government of World Citizens founded on September 4th 1953 is a global government, which concentrates their efforts in laying down the foundation for world citizenship. Outside of the World Passport the World Government of World Citizens also issues a World Identity Card, World Birth Certificate, World Marriage Certificate, World Political Asylum card, and a World Press Card.



This organization believes that every human being on the planet has several inalienable rights including the right to leave their country, travel, and later return to their country.


The organization was founded by Gary Davis, who was inspired after witnessing the carnage of war to create a single nation without war. Gary Davis believes in a worldwide peace, because if we all see one another as citizens of a single nation of humanity rather than citizens of smaller nations, then we are already at peace.

Photo Credit: kolobsek
Photo Credit: kolobsek

People have been moving and traveling throughout the ages; after all we started as migratory hunter-gatherers, and even when we “settled” and became farmers and craftsmen, we continued to explore with manifest destiny and curiosity. And now, many of us continue to travel today for various reasons.


It is our right, as human beings on this Earth to live, to move, and to travel on our own planet. We are already interconnected through the Internet, through ideas, which transcend gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, religious affiliations, sexuality and many other differences. We are interconnected because in spite of all of those differences we all have the only thing that matters in common; we share the same home, the same resources, we face global problems and global disasters.


Photo Credit: courtesy of http://stoantonio1984.unblog.fr/2009/08/01/antipop-consortium/
Photo Credit: courtesy of http://stoantonio1984.unblog.fr/2009/08/01/antipop-consortium/

Starfleet and transporter pads may not be our future, but our present reality already crosses borders through Skype, video conferencing, virtual conferencing, online chat, social media etc. We already live in a world where you can wake up in one country, work in another, have a drink with friends on a different continent and return home for dinner.

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  1. I completely agree with you! I can’t wait for the day to pick up and leave for the day and return home without so much hassle! I love the idea of global citizenship and believe this would be the mind shift the world would need to remove the invisible borders that do exist through society and cultures. But could the world really thrive with this mindset? So many people have their own opinions and beliefs that the idea of “one world” may never actually be possible with man in charge. It will be interesting to watch things unfold in the coming years. 

  2. Kenady, I love your style of writing in your articles! It’s easy to understand your voice because you know exactly what it’s like to be a TCK and how it looks like for others. I really appreciate the idea of world citizenship! It seems like a pretty basic concept to be able to travel the land we were born on. I feel like I can relate to this because the thing that is most discouraging to me when traveling is all the lines I have to cross to get there.

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