TCK Art Targets Bullies with Love

Spending time with Artist Giorgio Tuscani makes one feel like they’re walking with angels – literally.  Not only does the kindness and love he brings to everything he does radiate from his being, his art reflects the visions and dreams he’s had since childhood – many of which are images of angels. Those images helped him create a story of triumph from a childhood that could have turned tragic.

Tuscani elaborates: “I have dreams of angels and when I went to Israel, I encountered a Rabbi and [referring to my art] he asked, ‘Where did these images come from?’ And I said I constantly had images of God and Jesus and Mary.  And mind you, I the-immortal-guardians-of-mortalsdidn’t grow up religious – I didn’t agree it just didn’t feel right to me…  But I grew up having images of these divine beings — some have wings, some don’t have wings.”

More than just a story about rendering beautiful works of art, Tuscani’s is a journey of believing in one’s self and creating the life you were meant to live.

Born in Italy, he was adopted by Mexican American parents from West Texas’ bible belt.  With café au lait colored skin, hazel eyes and dark curly hair, his skin was darker than that of his family and most of those in his town. No one really knew what to make of him.  “I stuck out like a sore thumb,” he recalls.  “No one could figure out if I was Mexican, if I was African American.”

Bullied by classmates and ridiculed even by friends for being different, Tuscani was on the verge of suicide.  But the belief of his grandparents that Tuscani would make something of his life, the love of his mother, and the images of the angels, made him reconsider.  “It’s fear that holds you back, and I’m stepping out of my comfort, I’m not going to live like this anymore,” he vowed.  “It’s like gardening. You have to weed out the weeds and the rose and the flowers — it’s your soul, you have to tend to that. Your soul needs to be taken care of cause that’s what counts. I like the way I look now.”

Tuscani now uses his experiences, and his visions, to uplift the hearts of others, and create more love in the world.  From journals, to paintings and now expanding into original designs in clothing and shoes, Tuscani’s signature art includes poetry written specifically for each of his original pieces. By clinging to the love in his life, and using his inherent skill for drawing, he relied on the power of positive thinking to make a difference. Now he ventures to help others do the same as the main message flowing through all of Tuscani’s art is unconditional love.

“Love is not love if it’s conditional,” he warns.  “Any time you have conditions, that’s just a way of saying ‘You don’t conform to my standards,’ ‘You don’t meet up to my expectations,’ and that’s not love. I’m glad that I went through everything I went through because it has taught me how not to treat other people.  I wouldn’t mistreat or judge anyone else because I’ve been through it.”

For more information on how Giorgio Tuscani gives back to those who need it most, and to view his art, visit www.giorgiotuscaniart.com


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