SERIES – PART 3 OF 3 : How Global Culture is a Personal Concept – Naomi Hattaway

Photo of Naomi Hattaway. Courtesy of Naomi Hattaway herself.

Naomi Hattaway

“I think culture is imperative.”

In the previous article, we featured Terri Mairley and how culture played a role in her children’s lives. In this article, Naomi Hattaway takes the stage on her experiences and how they shaped her concept of culture.

Photo of Naomi Hattaway. Courtesy of Naomi Hattaway.

Her Story

In the early 1970s, Hattaway grew up with a black father and a white mother.

“It wasn’t quite accepted,” she said. “I grew up straddling two cultures — my black side and my white side.”

She is the founder of  I Am A Triangle , a community for those who have lived in various cultures and countries, whether as children, teens or adults. She also shares a loves for volunteering and serving the people that can benefit from her community’s resources.




 1. How Culture Impacted Her Children

Hattaway’s children are typical third-culture kids (TCK). They were born in the United States but spent their formative years abroad, specifically, in Singapore and Delhi, India.

“The edges of their TCK identities are amazing and diverse and so multi-faceted!” she said. “The depths of their capacity as it relates to kindness, generosity, compassion and open mindedness is quite amazing.”

According to Hattaway, both her children have a high awareness of differences in people. They recognize people as human beings first before their nationality or geographical loyalties.

“That, combined with their ability to not judge so quickly and learn from others, are a few of the other traits I think come naturally to TCKs,” she said.

Hattaway is a strong advocate for doing your research, which plays a role in how her children are careful and appreciative of differences.

Photo of Naomi Hattaway. Courtesy of Naomi Hattaway.

2. How to be Culturally Aware

Hattaway endorses cultural education to become and remain socially responsible.

“I have always been very sensitive to culture and the awareness that is required to enter a new culture,” she said.

“I do as much research as I can when looking toward a new relocation, or when I am introduced to a new culture so that I can hopefully understand as much as possible. I think it’s incredibly important when entering a new culture to do an awful lot of listening and observing. I feel that many people miss that very important piece of cultural adaptation.”

3. Thoughts on The Importance Of Culture

“I think culture is imperative,” she said.“It helps to create belonging and a way for individuals to identify with others.”


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