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We live in an environment that is highly addicted and dependent on today’s technology. Being connected in real time has become a new way of life for techno savvy users. Most people chose to stay connected on everything from news to entertainment through the use of their smart phones and computers. The constant evolution of technology is one of our most valued commodities because it helps to create an easier way of life.

Social Media is one of those phenomena that has helped to increase our awareness of “it’s a small world (after all).”

Its inception has given life to status updates and countless timelines that infect our consciousness with the never-ending trend of the impetuous selfies. It’s used as a sounding board for random thoughts; derogatory messages, jokes and slander; as a venue for attention-seekers; an amplifier for dormant voices; and helps to inform us of the good, the bad, and some of strangest things we’ll ever see. People use Social Media as a telescope to look into the lives of others, and it’s an excellent medium for promotion and data collection.

©All rights reserved by Girlfriends Club [dot] com
©All rights reserved by Girlfriends Club [dot] com
Potential Designers, Agencies, Casting Directors, Booking Agents, Journalists, Bloggers, Media Outlets, Employers, and Fans etc. will be searching the World Wide Web to learn more about you. Think about it, the first thing most people do these days is hop on a search engine like Google to conduct preliminary research. Thanks to the invention of handheld devices such as Laptops, Tablets, Notebooks, IPads, and Smart Phones, users are now able to do more with this nifty little tool called Wi-Fi. We’re no longer trapped to land lines or our desks in order to access the Internet. We can now travel freely and do as we please whenever we like. It’s as simple as a few key strokes with the point and click of a mouse to dig up years of information and history within seconds online.

As a Public Figure, you have to remember that there is always someone watching even if you don’t see them or know them personally. Depending on the content of your posts, it even has the power to go viral if it sparks enough interest. Being able to keep in contact with family or friends located overseas is no longer a financial nightmare. You see, the thing about the Internet is that it makes globalization as close as the palm of your hand. So even though you may not know someone from across the pond… depending on you post and its reach, someone from across the pond might just know you and has the ability to make contact.

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Once you publish something on the Internet, it’s there forever. There is no real control over its next life, and there are no true take backs no matter how hard you try. There should be a separation between your personal life and your business life. This means keeping your personal life personal and not having pictures or commentary of your most intimate or even contemptuous actions available for the world to see. Not everything needs to be documented, reported, recorded, or captured in a #Selfie. Only your true inner circle should know or have access to this side of you, if you feel as though you must share. However, if you’re using your Social Media networks to promote yourself as a brand, then this is business and you need to learn the art of being responsible for the content that you post, share, and comment on. Posting negative comments or material about yourself or others may not be a wise decision.

Remember for every action there is a reaction, whether it be positive or negative, there will still be a reaction.

As a Model, if you’re trying to use your likeness to work with a certain brand, organization or individual, then you need to make conscious decisions about what you say and do, post and share on Social Media networks, your blog, or websites. If your very public social media pages do not align with a potential employers’ goals, mission, vision, ideologies or ethical standards, then you may have lost out on an opportunity because of your careless actions or negative associations.

Poor behavior may be the one thing that stands in your way of you and your dream job. Who wants to work with a loose cannon that could potentially put them or their company at risk? Your past  and current actions may very well be considered in how you may present yourself in the future.  Learn some decorum starting now, and make better use of your digital footprint on Facebook, Instagram, Vine, Twitter or other Social Networking applications.

Sometimes all you get is a first impression, so why not make the most of it each and every time?  What you say and do lives on for much longer than the moment, so always remember to think before you act and take better care of your digital footprint.


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