Style Forecast: Trousers

Put on Your Big Girl Pants!

Let’s take a quick Peek at the Fall Forecast for the “trouser.”

For the past several years and Fall season–close cut,c ropped, tight, super fitting,

nippy pants and jeans have been a must to create the current sillhouette of the season.


If you are very quiet you can hear a whisper in the wind of change… A change of

volume, fluidity, flow, fullness and freedom…..That’s right, Big pants have been forecast.

The prediction is music to many women’s hears….Mine too!

Not just for full figured women, but like mysef, those who crave a chic Katherine Hepburn ease to their wardrobe

as well as persona.


Years of women trying to fit into skinny jeans and stick straight may be on the way

out…at least taking a back seat for a while. No pun intended.


The freedom comes in the form of not trying on 42 pair of jeans and pants and (with the

only results being tears) coud be absent from the shopping experience this fall. This would

be bliss…even for a season.

But wait!

I hear the vertically challenged groan with defeat. This too shall pass. There will

be adaptations on width for the slight.

Unlike the high waist pant that makes a fashionable return every five to six years, big pants

might be a flash in the pan, but for now, I continue to dream of beautifully full trousers,

wonderful fabrics and ease.

Rule of thumb: Big on bottom-fitted on top!

Big girl pants for all!!!

Fashionably yours,



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