Liminal Identity through the Eyes of a Tween: Part 1

Liminal Identity through the Eyes of a Tween- Part 1

Culturs TV interviewed one its very own Culturs Magazine columnists, Kameron McMillion. An expert on tween experiences on liminal identities, she shared some of her experiences with of us.

The “Aqiqah Experience” is one of the topics she writes about in Culturs. This experience describes a ceremony that she attended for the honoring of a Muslim newborn. The ceremony is performed seven, 14 or 21 days after the child is born. McMillan walks the audience through the process and explains how Aqiqah celebrates the child’s birth through sacrifices and the shaving of the baby’s hair.

McMillan explained that although the experience is slightly different than her own, she found it very interesting. She explained that after the family members witnessed the sacrificing of the sheep (McMillan said that if the child were a boy they would sacrifice two and if the child were a girl they would sacrifice one — it was a baby girl!), everyone was invited to attend a party where traditional dishes were prepared from the sheep. McMillan described the flavorful dishes comprised of yellow rice, lamb and vegetables.

In the second of this three-part series interviewing McMillion, Culturs TV will discuss other articles by McMillan and how other cultures have influenced her articles.

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