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breakfast eggs & bacon (Image credit: Pixabay)
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How do different countries and cultures start the day in their breakfast?

U.S.A. – Breakfast

People in the U.S.A. choose from a variety of breakfast options. On a typical U.S. breakfast plate, you might see eggs (fried, scrambled, frittata, or an omelet, to name a few!), potatoes/hash browns, biscuits, sausage, bacon, toast, or breakfast burritos (which can be filled with eggs, sausage, bacon, potatoes, cheese, and more). Or for a sweeter way to start the day, you might see waffles or pancakes with syrup, or even a sugary cereal.

Breakfast pancakes (Image credit: Pixabay)
Breakfast pancakes (Image credit: Pixabay)

Great Britian – Full English Breakfast / The Full Monty / Fry-up

As for a British breakfast, you might see sausage, bacon, beans, stewed or grilled tomatoes, fried bread (sliced bread toasted in a pan with butter, lard, or bacon drippings), eggs (fried or scrambled), black/white/mealy pudding (black pudding is made with oatmeal, pork fat, and blood; white is the same but without blood), lamb kidneys, kippers (smoked herring), mushrooms, potatoes.

France – petit déjeuner (little lunch)

Strawberry crepe (Image credit: Pixabay)
Crepe with strawberries)Image credit: Pixabay)

A French breakfast satisfies the sweet tooth! Fruit, croissants, crepes, and tartine (baguette with butter and jam, dipped in café au lait or chocolat chaude [chocolate]) are all found on the menu.


A Japanese breakfast is simple and filling. Here you’ll find natto (fermented soybeans), rice, miso soup, eggs, and salmon.


In Turkey, you’ll find kaymack (a sort of sweet cream spread) on toast, green and black olives, eggs (fried, hard-boiled, or both), sucuk (spicy sausage), cheese, pastries, and a variety of fruits and vegetables.


A Malawi breakfast is simple and nutritious. One might eat phala (cornmeal porridge with soy and groundnut flour), deep-fried fritters (cornmeal, onions, garlic and chiles), boiled sweet potato, boiled pumpkin, and juice made from dried hibiscus flowers and sugar, or black tea.


People eating breakfast in Iceland are partial to hafragrautur, an oatmeal porridge served with brown sugar, maple syrup, butter, and fruit. They also start their day with a swig of cod liver oil to boost vitamin D, because deficiencies are common in the winter.


Netherlands also enjoys a sweeter breakfast! They eat bread with butter and hagelslag (sweet sprinkles—chocolate, vanilla, or fruit flavored).

Breakfast toast (Image credit: Pixabay)
Breakfast toast (Image credit: Pixabay)
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  1. Hi Rachel, I really enjoyed this article! Back in high school I remember having to do a project where we chose which international breakfast we would eat. Personally, I really like the French breakfasts, they look and sound delicious! I hope to try it one day. I thought you had a very visually appealing article.

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