Sixty Seconds in San Diego, California, to Help Alleviate Arm and Wrist Pain

Sixty Seconds in San Diego, California, to Help Alleviate Arm and Wrist Pain

This Culturs TV Wednesday Energy Medicine Minute comes from one of the five walking bridges in San Diego, California, where Culturs expert Dondi Dahlin shares an Energy Medicine exercise designed to help alleviate discomfort in the wrists and forearms.

In this video, Dondi demonstrates a technique created to move energy through the large intestine meridian. A meridian is a pathway (or river) of energy, and you can effect change within this “river” by tracing and/or holding points along the stream.

If you suffer from pain in the forearms or wrists due to carpal tunnel, playing tennis, or other types of overuse, this may be just the technique for you! An added bonus, Dondi adds, is that this may also help to free up energy in your digestive system.

To begin, bring your awareness to the back of one of your arms. With the opposite hand, draw a line straight up from the pointer finger to the thick muscles of the forearm. Pressing on these points within the muscle will encourage energetic release, and may be tender. Make sure to hold these points on both sides, and breathe deeply into the release to relieve arm and wrist pain.

Dondi, her sister Titanya Dahlin, and their mother Donna Eden are Culturs experts who perform Energy Minutes all around the world to bring health and healing to Culturs TV audience. Please note the Eden Energy Medicine disclaimer by clicking here.


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