Adventure of a Lifetime for the Bucket List Family: 65 Countries in 3 Years

Bucket List Family

The Bucket List Family is a name that has been commonly talked about in different households all over the world. They decided to sell everything they own and kept only the things they needed to pursue traveling around the world.

The Bucket List Family had been doing missionary work for some time and then moved to the career of being travel journalists. Due to this, they are Global Nomads because they are consistently on the move and work internationally around the world.

Meet the parents

It all started with Garrett and Jessica Gee. Garrett was born and raised in Provo, Utah, U.S.A. and Jessica was born in Denver, Colo. When they turned 18, they both decided to do mission work overseas in Russia. That’s where the two met.

They spent two years in Vladivostok, Russia where they immersed themselves in the culture. This is when they developed a passion for travel and multicultural knowledge.

The adventure of a lifetime

August 15, 2015 is the day they decided to sell everything they owned and pack up to travel the world. Garrett and Jessica realized that being travel journalists is what they were called to do. To be successful, they would need to directly immerse themselves in different countries around the world. As a result, they would be able to better relate to the travel experience and be able to share their knowledge of different countries.

They left their home that day with their 2-year-old daughter Dorothy. Certainly, they knew they were in for an adventure of a lifetime. Little did they know the impact and inspiration they would bring to the world around them.

In addition, they wrote down a set of rules and goals that they would live by each day. Jessica said it best:

We decided as a young family that now was the time to form healthy habits and create traditions that will hopefully shape us into better people the rest of our lives. We are proud looking back at these goals and how we stayed true to ourselves throughout our travels.

Inspirational story

The Bucket List Family is a family worth following. Their story is so inspirational and educational.

The family has officially traveled and lived in 65 different countries. While in these countries, they learned about culture, different languages, had their children attend school and partake in the different events/celebrations that those countries celebrated.

The parents and their children have a newfound knowledge of the different cultures around the world and will be able to use that knowledge to relate to others around them on a daily basis.

They encourage everyone to travel the world to see all of its true beauty. Garrett Gee said it this way:

Adventure can come at any level and any budget. Be creative and explore your own backyard.


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