VISUAL: A closer look: Religion around the globe

This visual shows the distribution of the most popular religions around the globe. Christians (32%) and Muslims (23%) make up the largest religious groups, while those unaffiliated with a religious group make up 16% of the total population. In China, the number of religiously unaffiliated people is about 700 million, that is more than twice the total U.S. population! Members of traditional and folk religions make up 6% of the global population.  Religious groups are heavily concentrated in the Asia-Pacific region, this map shows the distribution of the most common religions in that area.


  1. I loved this piece Chrissy! Super helpful to be able to see visually where these religions are around the world. If 80% of people around the world identify with some form of a religious belief, I can’t see this graphic not being helpful to so many different people! Great job!

    1. Thanks, Kendall! It is interesting to note how many other religions there are around the world that aren’t even listed on here too!  

  2. Great infographic Chrissy. I find it intresting how Christians is a larger group than Islam.

  3. This infographic is really interesting and also visually stimulating. I had no idea that there are so many people who consider themselves unaffiliated with any sort of religion. I also didn’t know that the population of those who believe in the Jewish faith was so small. The infographic is visually pleasing and also provides a good amount of information. 

    1. Before researching this, I had no idea that there was such a large amount of people who were unaffiliated with a religion either. Especially as many as twice the amount of US citizens!

  4. This is a fantastic infographic! The color schemes are awesome and it is very informative and I like how you included non-affiliated people as well.

  5. What an interesting article. I would have had no idea so many countries celebrated different religions. Great infographic!

  6. Ah I love how you put information together in these! I like that you got information from Pew so we know it’s credible information and I like how simple and clean the layout is with the numbers and facts that sound the most interesting. 

    1. Thanks, Lia! I think when producing a graphic like this, it is important to find credible sources so that my audience knows the information can be taken seriously. 

  7. I think people are all entitled to believe what they do, but it’s comforting to see so many unaffiliated with religion. It seems like for the most part peoples religious acceptance is only improving.

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