Beyond the Borders of Technology

As technology develops and improves so does the world around us. New advancements and technology make room for new ideas, styles and ways of doing something. Art is no exception to this.

There are many artists around the world making art with technology, whether that’s with everyday things like your phone or high tech VR. However, these artist need a space where they can display these pieces.

What follows are some places that push for technological advancement, as well as celebrate art made with technology.

1. Ars Electronica

Started in 1979, Ars Electronica is an organization that seeks to push the boundaries of technology, as well as to observe how this affects how humans live and work together.

They annually hold their Festival for Art, Technology and Society where scientists, engineers, artists and creatives alike come together and share their work with the community.

Continuing on their mission, in 1987 they started awarding the Prix Ars Electronica to those with ground breaking projects in the field.

Prix Ars Electronica, 2021

2. teamLab

The organization teamLab strives to create and display art in a way that we as humans perceive and experience the world, displaying art that imitates growth, organic matter and change.

TeamLab uses code, animations, lights and many other aspects to create a beautiful atmosphere. The viewer is then completely surrounded in the art.

Up until now, artwork were considered to be an artist’s thoughts condensed into something material. But art made using digital technology is separated and released from the material, so an artist’s thoughts are no longer a thing itself. Rather, an artist can directly condense their thoughts into the user’s experience itself.

Inoko Toshiyuki


Andrew Zolty and Mattias Gunneras founded BREAKFAST in Brooklyn, N.Y., U.S.A. in 2017. Both men are artist who have a great interest in tech and art. They built BREAKFAST because they wanted to build an interactive experience rooted in technology.

Their studio has many pieces that take computer science, engineering and art into a fun and beautiful piece.


There are many other places that celebrate art and technology. In addition, as the world evolves and technology changes, so will our culture and interactions between each other.

One thing in common with all these organizations was the push to look at the world differently, to approach everything from a different angle.

Tech influences our culture and vise versa. Maybe that’s the start of something amazing.


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