Tayo Rockson: How TCKs Benefit the Global Business World

Tayo Rockson- How TCKs Benefit the Global Business World

Tayo Rockson, founder of the “As Told by Nomads Podcast” and author of “Use Your Difference to Make a Difference,” is the son of a diplomat.

Rockson was born in Lagos, Nigeria but moved to Stockholm, Sweden shortly after he was born. He returned to Lagos for elementary school but spent middle school and began high school in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. Rockson finished high school in Lagos but then alternated living in Virginia, U.S.A. and Vietnam throughout college. He traveled back to Nigeria but now finds himself in Manhattan, New York.

Rockson explains that so many problems exist because people are afraid to embrace diversity. But by using your difference, you can make a difference.

Tayo Rockson: "Use Your Difference to Make A Difference"
Tayo Rockson: “Use Your Difference to Make A Difference”

Creating a platform to build the next set of global leaders, Rockson believes, is the key to eliminating these problems. 

Rockson wants to utilize Culturs to educate people on how operating on a global landscape can advance their careers and lives.

I’m hoping to educate the audience on the benefits of actually embracing their identity and working with the different cultures [they] have.

The essence of being a TCK is bringing in aspects from all of one’s home cultures.

Rockson, whose “As Told By Nomads” was ranked the #2 Business Podcast by Entrepreneur.com, is humbled that the message he wanted to send out into the world was received.

Looking forward, Rockson — through his podcast and new book, “Use Your Difference to Make a Difference” — will be showing audiences how his experiences growing up as a TCK and his interactions with other TCKs have furthered his understanding of the business world with a global mindset.

You can learn more about him at tayorockson.com.

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