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We as women sometimes own shoes in our closet that are only good for few minutes; sitting room only; or for simply going from Point A to Point B without any stops in between. Let’s get one thing clear models… there are some simple dos and don’ts to keep in mind when it comes to footwear for a Casting Call or a Runway Show.

DO wear a pair of closed toed pumps with a heel between 3-4 inches in height to audition in. If you’re booked, you’ll be given directions at a later time as to what shoes to bring for work purposes. While it would be nice to believe that you will be fitted from head to toe, this is sometimes not the case. Especially if you wear a size 12 shoe like me; which means almost never. Have your standard pair of nude and black pumps ready, and if you have the ability to add a few extra colors like navy, royal blue, white, gold, silver, red or a print to your collection, then go right ahead. These days I find that more and more designers and stylists request that models bring with them a much wider variety of shoe colors to chose from.

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DO make sure that you have the proper fit for your shoes. The last thing you want is for your shoe to slip off as you begin to take up speed down the runway. Shoes that are used for general purposes do not get the same wear as those in which you use to work. If a quick fix is needed to provide a proper fit, it may be as simple as inserting pair of shoe insoles. This little secret not only saves you money, but that slightly tighter fit also comes with an added bonus of cushioned support.

DO carry a pair of flats in your purse or model bag. There is no shame in putting on a much more comfortable shoe after you’ve finished doing what you came to do. I strive for comfort over bleeding toes any day. No one enjoys being in pain and you’ll be very happy that you packed them when the time comes.

This is not about your sense of fashion, but it is about being able to give the judges the stride in your walk that they’re looking for.

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STYLE DON’TS (L-R) All rights reserved by Michael Kors, Kate Spade, Michael Antonio, and Penny Loves Kenny

DO NOT wear platforms, peep toes, wedges, stilettos, sling backs, boots, or flats to a Casting Call. The judges want to see how you walk and look in heels. While you may think that you look cute, and maybe you do, please remember that you will lose points for wearing the wrong shoes. This is not about your sense of fashion, but it is about being able to give the judges the stride in your walk that they’re looking for.

DO NOT wear a pair of shoes for the very first time on that special day without testing them first. While you may think that they were the perfect when you first purchased them, they may tell a different story 20 minutes later. Practice your walk in the shoes that you will be wearing to audition or work in. What you find out may surprise you, and it’s better that you learn the truth about your shoes in private instead of in front of an audience.

I personally go for the loudest designs and brightest colors because that’s the Jamaican in me, and we island folk love color! However, there is a time and place for everything. Think about your audience when getting dressed and use this to your style advantage without going overboard. That panel of judges will be assessing your look in many different ways: your appearance, personality, confidence, preparation, following direction, etc. A Casting Call is an audition and a job interview all at the same time. There is a lot to be said about a model’s choice of shoe, the way she carries herself, her poise, confidence, and the power in her walk. Remember ladies, practice makes perfect so use your time wisely and study up on your shoe game.

*Disclaimer: All shoe styles listed are for visual purposes only and are not in any way to discredit the designer brands.

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